Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say NO to Fishy Smell

Aiks... i knew some of u tried my sandwich recipe the other day rite? and some of u commented that u dun like the fishy smell from the yolk. well, me too.. tat's y i wil onli take the white instead of the yolk.

yest i tried another new ingredient to get rid of tat fishy smell.. wanna kno??? easy...

u go to store or mini market & get one yellow LEMON.. haha... cut it half and squeeze the half to juice.. after that, cut the skin of the lemon without the pulp (er.. i think it's call pulp gua.. the white white stuff ard the lemon cos it taste bitter.. so remember, ONLI THE SKIN ya) and chopped the skin into small small pieces.. then u mix it wif ur egg mixture..

Voila~~~ ur egg sandwich doesnt hv tat fishy smell anymore..

* how come u din take pics one?? *
* my cam kena rampas (confiscated.. er.. i guess is this meaning gua) by teacher.. wahhaha.. no lar.. my BIL borrowed it & he's in SG **

So, tat's the reason y i cant take nice pics...


  1. eh, egg sandwich no egg yolk meh?? only egg white ah???

  2. got got... egg sandwich no yolk.. sounds funny rite??

  3. I saw your sandwich photo. Look like you add onion also, right? Or may be I'm wrong cuz u didn't mention onion as one of your ingredients.

  4. hi lil inbox, no onions dear~~
    i'm not sure how it taste like if u add in.. :) but u can try it on tuna/sardin sandwich.. but make sure u fry fry the onions first so tat more fragrant :)