Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Being 38

i was cracking my head jus now for the topic of the day. but then i gave up bcos the reason i blog so much is tat i simply just like to blog.. so if i got nuthin to blog, who cares rite? not necessary mus hv a nice good topic then onli i can blog.. haha.. watever lar... fishball ah soh was surprised to see there is no new post in my blog i guess.. even uncle kok-kok-die.. haha.. cos i wil hv averagely 2-3 posts per day.. aiya... brain kena stroke cos too much of cholestrol and high blood pressure d.. haha....

how honest to blog like this rite? shows tat i reali 38 enuff to take care of this zone. haha.. was mumbling to myself jus now and my net-frens were like teasing me. tat was bcos they dun understand wat i was mumbling abt. but who cares. i jus like to mumble. ya ya.. onli nannies mumble. but who reali care.. my mum, not even a granni yet, too mumbles a lot.. but who say onli nannie mumble? siao one. young gal, like me oso mumbles ma.. rite? so if i dun mumble, i blog lor.. ok.. u dun hv to understand wat i blog here.. jus drop me a comment "SMILE" or ":)" or "=)" or watever.. hehe.. i promised to read and response ya.. but of cos, dun expect for a super immediate one.. u kno.. when u hv to work and blog at the same time, u wil choose to work first bcos my boss is right bside me. but i dun care lar.. i stil blog here while he's sitting rite beside me. i hope i can get a boss like Uncle Lee.. hehe..

hai~~ ok ok.. attitude problem.. and i alwis hv it. haha... but as long as i dun hurt ppl & i dun curse ppl's parents/family & i dun screw up things, i think i'm stil a good kid rite? ei.. i alwis make u guys laugh rite? when ar? especially when u're reading my blog.. hahaha.. dun tel me u dun even put on a smile when u're reading it.. if u reali dun smile, dun tel me lar... i dowan to listen to those negative stuff tat will pollute my mind.

oh ya.. attitude problem in wat sense ar?? er... i guess not working during working hours instead blogging gua.. hehe... my frens alwis teased me.. " ei.. UR BOSS pay u for blogging or work ar? if blogging, pls rekomen me lar".. dear frens, my boss actuali paid me for working but then i simply use the wage he gave into blogging. and i dowan to rekomen u guys in my company lar.. y?? if so, then i wil hv lotsa competitors lor.. tat means no increment & no promotion for me. then i cant use blogging as an excuse to pretend i'm EXTREMELY busy in office ma.. correct rite?? ooppss.. dear boss, if u're reading my post, pls forgive me to make u look like a fool in office ya.. i dun mean to hurt u but im just being too honest to tel u so.. waahhaha... i bet he wont continue reading after this and i wil get a super duper fast mail (POSLAJU) on my table tomolo morning.. haha.. ei.. who ask u to laugh ar.. i kena sacked ler.. yet u're so happy ar.. if i kena sack, tat means no more post in my blog until next yr. y next yr ar? cos ler.. my house hor.. super duper kns.. dun hv internet connections.. cos it's rented ma.. hv to wait til next yr until i get my own HOUSE first... ya ya.. i kno u cannot imagine how i can survive in a place without internet since i like to surfs a lot and blog a lot for whole day rite? well, easy.. jus get me a stupid box tat speaks in different different languages (most preferably cantonese or mandarin) abt different different issues (preferably dramas, entertainment programmes but not news => cos news r quite boring lar.. nv got the chance to finish the news cos i wil b halfway sleeping while the reporter mumbling abt tis happened here and there.. tell me lar.. wic kids like history 1? i gip him/ her a sweet.. 1 onli ar.. not too much.. cos the rest are for me). orh.. now u onli kno y i alwis fail my history rite? and i nv get pass for tat subject.. but who cares? haha.... as long as i pass my add maths and maths.. tat's enuff to prove to my parents tat my brain is stil functioning.. not easy to get those stupid formulas twist and turn on the papers u see.. :)

i think i wanna get my brain exercise.. anyone can suggest a good one? one of my experienced colleague mentioned he wil do algrebra so tat his brain will do some weight-lifting.. hey hey... i din kno tat algrebras can help in weight-lifting for brain.. i think i nit to blog more so tat i wil make my brain to practise tae-kwondo more.. hehe.. wat do u think?? oh ya.. i think i better get this draw out to my Laughter Zone. to get u guys entertain wif it lar.. see i so good rite? who says i got attitude problem?? er.. paisei paisei.. it's myself rite? haha...

hv to stop now.. cos if i continue write on, i think u guys reading it wil gone coo-koo like me.. but who cares.. haha... 38 rite? tat's call life ma.. u cant alwis live in a serious state rite? so jus sit back and relax and read my blog lor... hv a 38 chit chat wif me.. or share ur 38 experience wif me.. er.. although i'm jus a okay listener, i bet i wil listen to wat u say :)


  1. Sometimes, 3838, bla bla bla is good for relaxing and release tension hor?

  2. u're absolutely rite, lil inbox!! jus b a bit 38 and u wont feel so pressure.. but ppl wil think u're siao siao one.. but who cares.. i alwis like tat & yet i have a bunch of frens wic is as 38 as i do.. haha.. master mind thinks alike ma.. hahaa