Thursday, June 26, 2008

Think you're unappreciated at work?

click to enlarge for reading ya...

Theresa sent me tis to my email and i personally like the last 2 phrases.. "Don't work too hard. Nobody notices anyway".. hahaha.. ya.. work SMART instead rite??

I reali salute George!! May U Rest In Peace..


  1. This is quite sometime already. But there's a recent case happened in Singapore. A MNC employee worked until die. A true case in Singapore. And it was heavyly spread in the blogshepere.

  2. hi NKB..
    ya.. i knew abt tat case and tat co. is HP. my BIL worked in HP previously and mentioned to us.. teruk teruk.. over loaded wif work..

  3. So scarry!! Should Work slow and steady...Past time past time ok liao.

  4. ya lor.. some ppl jus couldnt let go the work pressure even after office hours. tat's quite serious...