Monday, June 9, 2008


"my bf is petite in size and adorable, cute and understanding.. of cos, i cant compare it with the others wic are muscular out there. but then i stil love him veli much.

he alwis like to dress in blue.. or mayb i shld say he's force to dress in blue cos i like it. :) alwis driving me to the destination i wan to. tat's y i love him so much..

recently, he's not feeling so well.. i can hear him sneezing and wheezing.. and his legs are sore i supposed. i feel so bad.. but wat to do. i hv to make him to get up earli in the morning and have a medical checkup. too bad!! doctor said he had to be admitted to ICU.

he had lungs infection and serious viral infection on his legs too.. i'm heart-broken.. doctor have to amputated his legs and replace it wif another pair of fake one (i dunno wat it call).. so sad... as the lungs infection, i dunno wat to say.. doctor said hv to check up first wor.. hai~~ so sad.."

har? since when u got BF? i tot u're married? liangzai is hospitalised ar?? serious or not?wat abt his job? so can he adapt to his job now?
ok ok... i kno these are the questions u guys will ask me rite???

dear frens, i kno u will try to notice my hubby, liangzai rite now.. haha.. jus to make sure whether he alwis in BLUE or not rite?? but then he alwis in PINK.. Man-In-Pink ma...but i dun mean him.. read carefully.. it's my BF not HUBBY... my BF is my SLK lar.. hv to send him to mechanic ar.. after 3 months checkup d ma.. now another checkup.. dunno how much i'm going to spend on him d.. the engines sounds.. hv to change the tyres.. headache headache... i'm estimating RM500 to get it done.. hopefully within the budget.. reali PK now.. who's going to DONATE a little to liangmui? i got this "liangmui-fund".. haha.. tq tq...

P/S: yes.. SLK ok oledi.. costed me abt rm300++ ar.. changed the tyres and checked on the bearing too.. no more sneezing and wheezing... wahhahaha :P (added @ 1.13PM)


  1. Hi Liang Mui, Holy Smoke, you shocked me, thought your BF.....ha ha, your SLK MERCEDES?
    Liangmui, I saw you dropped at my place just...I opened my blog immigration, I lost you on my radar....which posting you came in? I can't find you...reply me please.
    Hope your SLK will be alright soon, you stay beautiful, Lee.

  2. i where got money to get SLK at this age unless my parents or hubby is veli extremely rich.. hehe..

    my SLK = small little kelisa :P
    national car onli.. hehe...

  3. uncle lee..
    i think i shld address u as uncle lee since u're more than 65 now.. haha...

    wic posting i came in?? i think i came in from Irene, I have to leave you.

    wah.. y u use radar to look ard for me? so have u spotted me? :) i'm jus a teeny-wheeny itsy bitsy spider.. ooppss.. not spider.. lady i shld say.. :)