Monday, May 12, 2008

Exam-Fail Celebration Or Gathering??

hai~~ sad to inform tat i fail my exams.. onli miss out a bit and i wil pass the exams.. the marks?? 675.. and i nit 700 to pass it.. ya ya... left a bit onli rite.. dunno where i gone wrong but then i got 5 simulations questions and tat kills me a lot.. hai~~ so sad....

but tat morning was quite happening.. haha... my name was not registered for the exam!! SHOCKED ler... cos i'd already informed Irish 3 weeks ago for the exam date and time and how come?? not her fault.. dun blame her.. it's her kns colleague lar..din work properly punya.. but wat to do.. some ppl doesnt reali care to work properly.. i was reali angry with this ridiculous matter and i insisted to hv the exam on tat day.. and they keep on telling me dun hv slot for me.. i said i dun care. i'd prepared everything for the exam and now wan me to postpone the exam? this shld not happen rite? i din inform last minute.. i informed 3 weeks ago ler.. omg!! dun care.. must get it done on sat!! luckily, Irish gave a BIG help to me! thanks, irish.. love ya.. so not so bad.. :) i shld say i'm damn lucky cos got lotsa good good good frens ard me.

then later at nite.. a bunch of frens, tat alwis giving me support and encouragement, purposely organise a gathering to cool me down... wahahha.. no lar.. jus joking.. actuali it was planned earlier.. well, who's are those craziest frens ar? orh.. ok ok.. din manage to take group pics.. but they are uncle ck, fishball ah pak and ah soh, & of cos liangzai lor....

well, dinner was planned at 630pm but then... 630pm liao... 38 frens not yet reached one??? fishball ah soh sms-ed me saying tat they're on the way.. honda city not yet reach wor.. sien...

nuthin better to do... so snap pic....

wahhaha.. curi curi snap him... :P

so sleepy and tired.. take a pic first... aiya.. my face getting better lar.. but stil got lotsa spots.. wat to do.... takes time to heal...

while waiting for them, i got my taufu steam first.. so when they reached, then can enjoy nice hot taufu..... ok.. taufu preparation... haha...

reheat the vege....

so can guess 2of the dishes rite?? hehe... ok, FOOD List....
1) Stew Chicken - Janice
Tasty Rate: 8/10 - taste reali ok, but the chicken quite big size ar... cut smaller ya.. :)

2) Baked Beans with Eggs - Janice
Tasty Rate: 9/10

3) Herbal Soup - CK
paisei.. forget to take pic... but reali one BIG pot..
uncle CK, although i LOVE soup veli much, not so BIG pot again pls... cant finish it... stil left another 2 big bowls... 3 days oso cant finish... u think my tummy onli filled up wif soup meh...
Tasty Rate: 8/10 - taste good but a bit oily ar.. next time, get the skinless chicken.. then wil b perfect!! thx for the soup!

4) Mixed Vege - Liangmui
Tasty Rate: 7/10 - too big pot oso.. but the 38 gang almost finish the whole pot.. haha.. but left one small bowl lar.. fishball ah soh complain not enuff taste wor.. ok.. next time put a lil salt.. but actuali i added 1 teaspoon of the salt liao wor..

5) Minced Pork with Taufu - Liangmui
Tasty Rate: 9/10.. :)

6) White Rice - Liangmui
Tasty Rate: 10/10 - aiya.. most of the rice oso taste the same lar.. so full marks.. paisei paisei.. haha...

TADA!!!!!..... MAKAN Session... One RICH Dinner... hehe.....

After Dinner, went out for a movie.. yes~~ IRON MAN! hehee....


  1. Why liang zhai so blur wan? What u guys did before we came ah ^_^


  2. wahhaha... :P waiting for u guys lor

  3. I'm glad i still managed to threaten them to give u a slot by hook or crook...else u definitely gonna slaughter me for ur dinner.
    Hey, u shud use photoshop to enhance the brightness & contrast of the pictures. It will definitely gives u better effect. Try it out.

  4. Where is my papadum pictures...very hard to fry one ar... why no one take picture of my papadum.. hehehehe

  5. no lar.. ur papadum.. not special enuff... everywhere oso can see it.. :P