Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ipoh Trip -> Day 2 (Part 2)

Day 2, 18-05-2008
Venue: Fullpann Steak House @ Setiawan.. i dunno the direction so dun ask me how to go..haha
Time : 2pm

They got these for decorations

Certificates.... wah.. show off onli...

u'll feel like u're in BALI when u hv ur meal here... veli comfortable.. the service oso quite good...

Mushroom Soup

Tasty Rate : 7/10
yummy... got lotsa mushroom and the soup reali creamy.. dun hv the strong butter taste.. good!

Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Tasty Rate: 7/10
The meat is reali tender. the meat was fried and the taste blend nicely with the sauce..

Fish & Chips

Tasty Rate: 6/10
So so onli... but the chips reali crispy.. the fish not so oily.. ok..

Marijuana Chicken

Tasty Rate: 8/10
wow.. tat's the best among the rest but then i dun got the chance to taste it. but according to Liangzai, this is excellent.. i think that's abt a quarter of chicken.. then mix wif black pepper sauce... got bun and butter and a lil veges...

Vanila Pudding

Tasty Rate: 5/10
er.. mayb i'm too full d.. but the vanila taste is quite strong so it spoil my appetite to eat it but then i manage to swallow tat 2 to my tummy

Lime Juice & Ice Lemon Tea

Tasty Rate: 8/10
wow.. i can reali tell u.. tat' s the pure lime juice.. damn sour and the ice lemon tea... not bad... better than normal lor. haha

guess how much? 6 persons... ard RM88++... not bad ler.. we took abt 5 set lunch and 1 special order... :)



  1. so cheap..tell me where to find. even muar also don't have this kind of price anymore...:(

  2. haha... u mean the western food or seafood? :P

    seafood in setiawan.. nxt time if happen both of us in ipoh then we hv a seafood meal together lar :P