Tuesday, May 6, 2008

:( Terrible Cough

Aiks.. have been coughing for a week and not recover yet.. wat the heck??
parents keep on telling me to go for doc visit.. at last, i onli went the clinic on sunday.
doc was surprised to see me coughing terribly for 5 days and i stil can continue coughing without any consultation from doc.. haha.. he jus shooked his head.. :D wat to do? kiddo dun like doctors ma.. all the medicine so bitter and doesnt taste yummy ler...
so, he gave me a bunch of medicine...
1) cough syrup (bena expotarant)
2) panadols (cos he tot i'm hving fever but then it was noon and the weather is damn damn hot.. so the termometer doesnt capture the correct temp)
3) flu pills
4) sore throat

yucks.. hate medicine so much.. so he said if u're getting worst the next day, pay him a visit again without any extra charges..

ok lor.. i listen to watever the doc said.. go back take medicine, rest.. but during midnite, i was coughing like hell... non-stop coughing.. cos liangzai n me couldnt get a good nice sleep plus the stupid weather was too heaty.. and my small little master bedroom was like sauna room.. phew~~ so fed up.. i look like panda yest.. my frens asking me how come i look like zombie.. hai~~ i jus replied due to the stupid cough...

yest went back to the doc again.. kns doc.. u guess wat he told me ar? ah moi, take medicine for one day and u expect u'll recover ar?? i ma tembak him lar... "u told me to come and see u if i'm getting worse ma. now i think i'm getting worse and the medicine doesnt work for me." the doc was smiling away... so he gave another stronger cough mixture and flu pills.. i think he charge to my ING card.. nvm lar.. co. bear for it.. so jus go for it lor.. well, this time, the cough mixture works.. stil cough but not as bad as the day before.. :)

actuali, the doc reali a nice man.. he's Dr. Nirlaip from klinik Segara in Puchong.. nice Sikh man.. reali.. but dun play play wif him.. he can speak cantonese geh.. haha.. :P

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