Monday, May 12, 2008

Korean Food

Korean Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri

Here's the restaurant look...

Koreans Customers.... 'Anyong Haseyo'

Hehe... The chopsticks and spoon... reali hot when u use it for food...

Appetizers.. FOC man... so many and it's refillable...

1) Seaweed
2) Spicy Mini Pancake
3) Egg
4) Spicy & sour vege
5) Kimchi
6) Salad
7) Ikan Bilis - the best.. my favourite
8) Taugeh
9) Sweet Potatoes
10) Radish
11) Veges...

This is wat we ordered
1) Kimchi soup with chicken and egg and rice

2) Kimchi Fried Rice

This is their main branch in KL... :)

guess how much?? RM35.. but after 20% discount, so GRAND TOTAL = RM28... worth it.. veli big portion... veli full.. cant finish the soup...


  1. wah lau....make me hungry again... why doing free advertising for people.. got collect back $$$ or not..

  2. ya hor.. damn stupid.. forget to collect money...