Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rosa chinensis?? Wat's tat??

i bought myself a pot of flower last sunday.. well, it look like rose but it has more petals and the flower bloom to the maximum size... and it's red in color.. veli beautiful.. it's like giving me a nice warming feeling.. i told Fishball Ah soh and sent her a pic.. and she said it's China Rose.. scientific name is Rosa chinensis..

i googled from net and found out the info abt this species...
"Rosa chinensis, known commonly as the China Rose is a member of the genus Rosa native to central China in Guizhou, Hubei and Sichuan.

It is a shrub growing to 1-2 m tall. The leaves are pinnate, with 3-5 leaflets, each leaflet 2.5–6 cm long and 1–3 cm broad. In the wild species (sometimes listed as Rosa chinensis var. spontanea), the flowers have five pink to red petals. The fruit is a red hip 1-2 cm diameter.

The species is extensively cultivated in China as an ornamental plant; numerous cultivars have been selected, with varying flower colour and usually an increased number of petals (semi-double or double flowers). The species is also important in the breeding of many modern garden roses, including the Hybrid Tea roses.
The flowers and fruits are used in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) in the treatment of irregular and/or painful menstruation, as well as swollen thyroid."

wah... i din kno tat this flower can help in menstruation wor.. dunno can help in PMS or not.. mayb i nit it so... :)

wow.. the pics not bad rite? hehe...

hv to take care of it.. but quite mah fan oso... the gardener who sold this to me said tat hv to water it 3 times per day for first 2 weeks, then cut down to 3 times per day for alternate days for the next 2 weeks then slowly cut down the water level...

phew.. headache.. hehe

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