Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ipoh Trip -> Day 2 (Part 3)

Day 2, 18-05-2008

Venue : Restoran Perng You @ Setiawan
Time : 7.30pm

Tea.. Looks like chrysanthemum but it's not..

Prawn with Egg..

Tasty Rate: 5/10
So so onli....

Fried Squids

Tasty Rate: 5/10

Fried Oyster

Tasty Rate: 5/10
er.. not so much oyster ler.. muar one better

Fish Slices with Ginger

Tasty Rate: 6/10
Taste not bad... but not much fish...

Kam Heong Crabs

Tasty Rate: 5/10
Disappointed.. cos we exxpected for Kam heong crabs but doesnt taste like kam heong...

so our seafood meal cost abt RM72... ok lar.. consider cheap.. :)

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