Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jusco Day!! But... SO WAT!!

ei.. jusco day ler... shopping.. got discount.. got sales.. up to 70%...

these are wat my frens had been telling me over the week.. but then so wat!! no money how to shop? discount up to 70% oso no use lar.. no money ma.. plus ler.. er.. no offense ar.. jus telling u how i feel lar.. :D

sales = crowd, crowd = jam, jam = headache... so wat for ler... creating headache for own self.. better go relax rite?

earli morning, jusco is already full of cars, full of ppl and JAM!! tat's the worse thing lar.. to me, shopping is relaxing n enjoying.. paisei.. i reali dun like to crowd wif ppl then rebut rebut like aunties.. cos i'm not auntie ma.. but then hv u guys ever think of the quality? i think ar.. sales stuff are those out-dated things and leftover in the store room for some time liao.. not much choice for u to choose.. plus when u choose tat one particular clothes, others might hv the same clothes too... tat's y they hv those grand sales... haha, we're smart consumer ma... dun kena tipu but those SALES stuff.. haha... open eyes big big.. as chinese proverbs said "No Fat and Big Frogs Jumping in front of U" => wic means.. NO FREE LUNCH in THIS WORLD.. haha... :P

so dear aunties, wake up lar.. it's jus a commercial trick!

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