Tuesday, May 13, 2008


well, got this title from uncle CK.. he suggested me to write a blog rgding 'BOREDOM'

from online dictionary, boredom = lack of interest/ tiresomeness.. correct!! indeed, i am LACK OF INTEREST in working and also TIRED of working.. hate my job so much tat i wanna kill my BIG BOSS! alwis giving those stupid stupid plans and work it out for everybody and then all the ppl hv to clear the shits! bingo~~ boss are designed to create shits and tat's y they nit us to clear it. we're the so-called high pay shit cleaner...

wow.. found another statement tat clearly defined BOREDOM but this is more to food and fitness. copy the phrase from Answers.com..
"A condition characterized by wandering attention, impaired efficiency, and low levels of arousal. It is sometimes confused with fatigue, but boredom usually results from too little stimulation, motivation, and interest. It commonly occurs in those who regularly perform monotonous exercise routines. Unlike fatigue, boredom leads to a lack of desire to exercise, rather than an inability to exercise. Boredom is one of the main reasons why people stop exercising and drop out of sport. It can be avoided if the type and location of exercise is varied, if achievable but challenging targets are set, and if exercise is made more fun."
and this phrase totally 100% applies to me... check the one in BOLD and RED... it will be best apply to me not to exercise and play but to WORK.. damn it.. i think i got hormone imbalance whenever i mention my work.. i reali simply jus hate it... y cant some1 jus suggest sth wic is good and less work to do so??

i jus dunno wat happen.. sorry to those tat i throw my temper to.. well, i dun mean to do so.. but i jus simply hate my job.. pls forgive me. i think it's time for me to find another job!! pls help me!!


  1. Come here and you'll NEVER understand BOREDOM, haha