Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exam Coming Soon~~

aiyer... tok abt exam.. damn sien.. i'm stil in holiday mood ler.. this sat wil b the day.. and i'm stil playing a fool, enjoying myself, drawing comics to update in my blog, going for yoga and watching tv.. well, yest manage to try out some of the pass years questions. but then out of 10 questions, i onli get 1 correct answer.. headache headache.. so worry.. hai~~

ya ya.. hv to study.. kenot fail.. pressure lar, kawan... long time din take exam liao ler.. graduated from college so long ago.. now ask me study stil ok lar.. ask me go for exam.. damn nervous.. anyway, wish me luck ya...


  1. Told u so..don't blog so much..
    Study more..Paid Exam ler..not FREE...

  2. aiyer.. kenot lar.. i'm in a blogger's life now.. :S