Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ipoh Trip -> Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 2, 18-05-2008.. makan whole day... damn geng...

Venue: Famous Mee Hakka (or Hakka Mee..) @ Ipoh.. er.. near Police station.. straight after the traffic light.. haha...

Hakka Mee... damn nice.. my favourite food in ipoh

Tasty Rate: 9/10
The noodle is made of flour and eggs.. so it's called as Egg Noodle.. well, this bowl of noodle consists of pork, spring onions and some seasoning.. yummy! u cant see this in KL

Fried Stuff.. err.. wat's this ar.. oso dunno how to explain.. but they wrapped some meat in it..

Tasty Rate : 6/10
I dun like 'Fu Pei' but so far these are not bad.. the one i like oledi SOLD OUT... :(

The Taufu and Meat Balls.. we ordered 10 each..

Tasty Rate: 9/10

Must 'TAKE' chili & garlic when u eat hakka mee.. special recipe.. veli nice...

Can u see the uncle behind? i jus dunno how this uncle's brain function? he reali can calculate damn fast.. faster than calculator....

See... the old uncle? he's the COOK...

Spent ard RM25 for this satisfying breakfast.. yahoo!!


  1. Seremban Hakka Mee FTW :)


  2. ei.. ur seremban hakka mee disappoint ppl lar.. u better dun rekomen to ppl :P
    haha... ipoh one best!