Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ipoh Trip -> Day 1

went back to Tronoh on 17-05-2008.. full of plans.. my great mum-in-law is reali a great organiser.. so first day.. dinner...

Date & Time : 17-05-2008 @ 7pm
Venue : Assam House @ Greentown, Ipoh

so this is how the restaurant look like.. comfortable...

Menu... Can u read it? luckily i got my specs.. or else.. cant see properly

These 2... damn hungry liao... stil deciding wat to eat.. haha...

Ordering food to eat.. the waitress kinda blur but they reali hv good service..

Appetizer.. Keropok..
Tasty Rate: 8/10

Preserved Vege with Chicken
Tasty Rate: 5/10
Comments: Normal lor.. nuthin special but damn expensive..

Kangkung With Sambal Belacan
Tasty Rate: 7/10

Curry Fish Head
Tasty Rate: 8/10
Comments : A bit Sour and spicy.. good one..

Sambal Sotong
Tasty Rate: 5/10
Comments: i think they dun reali cook the squids cos it's like 30% raw.. the squids are like too soft.. :S

Steve.. Keep on makan saje.. din got the chance to snap his round tummy pic..

Liangzai.. nv got the chance to see him slim down again...

This is how my plate look like after dinner... U're rite!! I got the whole fish head in my tummy.. damn full..

How much ar? Damn expensive.. mayb it's bcos the parents day are jus ard the corner.. the whole dinner cost abt RM88 including drinks.. oh ya, rice is free flow but they charged RM1.50 per person.. mayb the price is increasing tat's y they charged.. wat to do!!


  1. if liangzhai sim down, he will not as hensem as now. you want him slim or hensem... fat fat good mah, atleast when you torture him, he still can stand for few rounds.

  2. correct oso.. agree.. but dun go too fat.. or else i wil dump u