Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shah Alam Buddhist Society - Charity Fair

Venue : Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS)
Date : 25 May 2008
Time : 10am

went to SABS for charity fair last sat. calm and peaceful morning, the place was crowded wif ppl. tat's great.. everyone's doing charity.. so FUN!

ok.. bring u ard the society.. they have a few buddha statues in the hall..
The Main Entrance

The Amitabha (阿弥驼佛) statue

The hall is decorated with these painted glass.. different piece of glass have its story. It's the story regarding the Buddha..



观音展览馆。。too bad.. can u see the sign? no smoking, no food, no camera.. tat's y onli can curi curi take pics from outside.. inside got 21 guan yin buddha statues.. each guan yin has its own story..

Charity Fair... reali crowd wif ppl ler....

The Juice Stall.. Can u see wat juicer she's using... hehe...

Yes! Blood Donation.. i din kno they got this here.. so i forget to bring my lil red book.. previously, i was sick like hell.. tat's y cant donate blood.. feel so bad ler.. now at last, got the chance liao

Waiting in the queue... so boring.. got nuthin to do.. so i snap myself instead.. hehe...

At last.... my turn..

Me... Donating blood.. stil so happy.. my frens almost pengsan when heard the words 'BLOOD DONATION'

hv to check blood type.. mine is O.. they use some antigen.. blue is antigen-A, yellow is antigen-B.. no response.. so it's O

Take blood pressure... hai~~ a bit high.. cos i'm a bit nervous actuali

Get the label for my blood

At last.. donate blood.. hehehe...

This is the nurse who help me out tat day.. going to finish donating so she's preparing the test tubes for my blood for testing...

11316122 PDN - hehe.. blood code.. PDN = Pusat Darah Negara...

Yer... see ppl got so many supporters.. where are mine?

ok... i hereby declare i volunteer to donate the blood... happy???


  1. Steve donate blood? Kenot be ... he scared of siew keong wan leh :P


  2. does tat ever relate?? siew keong and donate blood? wat's the relationship? explain tis ar...

    i oso scat snakes lar.. stil donate blood ma.. :P

  3. That means he's scared easily :P

    Donate blood some ppl require courage wan ma .. HAHAHAH

  4. er... then i got no comments.. but do remember he's shu didi ma... sure scat tis and tat lar :P