Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joke of the Day

liangzai told me a joke the other day and i think i mus share out wif u guys...

liangzai - Z
me - M

Z: 你是女人,对吧?
M: 废话!
Z: 哪。。。如果你遇见一个男人。他拥有豪华的洋房和漂亮的汽车,你会嫁给他吗?
M: 那当然!可是,我嫁给个穷人。。
Z: TMD!! 如果你遇见一个女人。她拥有豪华的洋房和漂亮的汽车,你会娶她吗?
M: 那当然啦!
Z: 笨蛋! 娶个‘大啵’的。因为男人没本事有‘大啵’。。

Z : U're a woman rite?
M: of cos
Z : so when u saw a man driving luxurious car like toyota vios, lexus, BMW and hv a million-dollar bungalow, wil u marry him?
M: of cos.. but i'm married to a poor one...
Z : ShiT!!
Z : (continue...) so IF u're a man, when u saw a woman driving luxurious car like ACCORD, Harrier, Mercedes and hv a million-dollar bungalow, will u marry her?
M: of cos.. y not?
Z : damn stupid lar.. marry the one wif big boobs lar... cos men cant grow them

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