Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary

no wonder tat stupid liangzai keep on asking me how long hv we've been together these few days? i recalled almost every year he asked me the same question at the same time... ok.. this year is 8.. OK?? remember....

was busy wif my job tis morning. ppl complained abt the company website is not updated but i'd already done it a few days ago. well, a bit moody this morning cos i cant wake up. and i'm late to work for 15 min. so rushy. blur blur.. woke up at 8.35am and rushed like siao char bo. luckily din knock my knee onto somewhere else.. haha... phew~~

was busy solving my problems wif IT exec. checked everything is correct until we realised tat the changes is not sync properly. ok.. now it's done.. phew~~ walked back to my place and passed thru reception. saw joanne and a delivery guy wif a big bouquet of lilies. i was thinking so sweet of her bf and teased her loud.. 'WAH!! purposely order flower to gip me ar??' and she responded 'IT'S URS!!'.. i tot she was joking until she asked me to check the receipt. orh.. 'JOAN LIM' from 'BRYAN'.. ok ok.. there are 2 JOANs in my office but onli 1 wif the surname LIM and tat's me.. wahaha.. ok ok.. sign sign. fast fast.. accept accept... syok and surprised.. stil unbelievable but somehow, the sweet sweet feelings jus rose up.. wahah.. then think of tat 38 liangzai in office must b thinking of me.. whahaa.... no wonder lar.. ask abt my company.. how ppl deliver things to me.. this and tat.. kns.. he oledi planned earli earli wor...

back to my place, all my collix teasing me including my BOSS.. ok ok.. i accept ur 'tease'-s.. wahaha.. and 1 kns man doesnt kno how to get away from my sight first instead asking me to generate a monthly report and he keep on standing beside me. DUN HE KNO HOW TO GET AWAY FIRST? damn stupid. i was lazy to listen to him.. thinking of liangzai.. gen the stupid report (luckily got the script done..) and sms liangzai.. report done.. fast fast email him and shoo him out of my sight but he stil stay here for nuthin.. damn kns..then lazy to bother him.. i smsed liangzai and scolded him for wasting money.. i prefer CASH ma. but stil sweet lar..

my camera was at home.. ** frus frus ** cos charging the battery yesterday and forget to put it back in my bag this morning as i was rushing out d..

hai~~ sweet feeling stil inside my heart.. ya.. u guys are rite.. scold scold him but then i feel so sweet.. wahaha.. no wonder ppl say gals nv tel the truth. ya.. i agreed!!

ok.. i wil post the pics later if i manage to get a pic either from my hp or my cam.. haha.. post it next week to share out. hope the lilies wont dried up so fast. :P

Thanks, Piggy.. damn sweet now.. ok ok.. 3 magic words.. and i gip u 5 lar.. haha.. 'I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH'.. ta da!! 5 words.. enuff or not?? and of cos Happy 8th Anniversary.. oh ya.. mind u all,it's not our wedding anniversary ya.. it's our PAK TOH (Dating) Anniversary.. wahahha :P.. tomolo is the Actual Day lar.. but he purposely make it earlier cos tomolo not working. he wans me to get syok in front of my collix.. wahaha.. :P paisei paisei...

P/S: i think he must hv read my previous blog abt my 1st anniversary.. haha.. but liangzai is reali a romantic guy.. no wonder i chose him out of so many guys out there.. wahhaha.. SS (syok sendiri) now...


  1. not bcoz of the 1st anniversary blog lar.. i remember all the anniversary ok.. hahahahaha... nice leh.. now onl you know didnt chose the wrong partner... dont toucher me anymore ok... hahahah.. i love you too. muakss

  2. thick skin.. it's torture lar.. not toucher.. hehe... piggy :P

  3. Happy Anniversary! :) I feel so nice la just reading this post. So loving one you two. hehe

  4. Happy Anniversary Liang Mui & Liang Zai

  5. Me and hubby not yet reach our 8th anniversary. We started our relationship when both of us were still in U. He's in KL after back from Australia, and I was in Penang.

  6. hahahahaha u r funny la..happy anniversary!

  7. Wah seh ... sun so bringth, shine until my office oso kana *ouch* ~~~ burning ~~~ burning ~~~~ *ouch* Lovey Dovey couples *blah*


  8. hi grace,
    thank you.. hehe.. loving meh?? this is how we look like when we're not fighting.

    hi NKB,

    hi lil inbox,
    we started our relationship in college.. so u can guess how old i am d.. hehe... thx!

    hi ben,
    i alwis so funny ler.. :P thx a lot too..

    hi affinity,
    kenot meh?? good lar.. if there's sunshine everywhere.. :P happy belated birthday!

  9. Let me guess ya...I think you should be roughly 27 years old. Am I right?

  10. hi lil inbox..
    aiyer.. u're correct but dun hv any prizes.. aiks. u jus publicise my age.. omg!!