Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i'm pressing myself quite hard now. my heart is pumping quite fast. i can feel it.. ** duppp duppp dup dup dup dup dup dup dup ** i think if i dun hv any ribs, i think my heart wil jump out from its place. now i cant breathe properly. seems like suffocating. my hands and legs are freezing and i can feel myself shivering.

i cant tel u guys wat's happening to me until everything is confirmed ya. i'm just NERVOUS over that thingy since last week. i think i'm too desperate for it oledi and i can't accept the fact tat i wil miss it. omg~~~~ wat am i suppose to do?? liangzai is cooling me down now thru his lovey sms but it doesnt seems help much... i'm SHIVERING.. omg~~ ok.. i go toilet now :P


  1. you are preggy??!!!
    if so why soffocate?? it's a good news!! :D

  2. Liang Mui, what happend?? Blog liao but ask ppl to wait and see pulak. Too bad lar...
    Hmm...let me guess ya, are you pregnant? :D

  3. hey gals...
    i'm not preggy lar.. hehehe... kenot blog now cos not confirm yet. i jus wanna tel all of u how i'm feeling now.. haha :P

  4. Haiyo......too bad la. "Kong ti hmm kong ti". HMM!!!

  5. haha.. have to 'tiao keh' a bit lar.. wat to do.. liangmui alwis like tat ma :P