Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wat A Life Without Internet & 14 Inch Speaking Box!!

eeesshhh... I can't BLOG since this morning due to the unstable INTERNET in office. i dunno wat happen. it seems like on and off and even if it's on, the connection is LAGGING!! aarrrggghhh!! so fed up. guess wat i do? I purposely put big big header on my MSN, hoping the IT guys will SEE it asap!! but.. they dun.. ** smack on my forehead!! **

try to get cool down but i can't. Without the INTERNET, I can't:
  • blog
  • download videos/mp3/ games
  • surf net
  • check mail
  • chat
  • Facebook-ing
  • Friendster-ing
  • play online games
  • read my frens' blogs
  • watch dramas

  • how miserable!! **wah.. how come ur job seems like so free and easy one?? ** i dunno... i guess my boss pay me for wasting my time here... haha.. jus joking lar.. i jus finished my stuff.. tat's y playing ard lar.

    so now u guys can see the reasons y i cant live without INTERNET!! ya.. i'm an INTERNET FANATIC.. well, my frens alwis complained tat i spend time wif the lappie more than spending the time wif them and i hv to admit. but think abt it. wasnt it the same? i do chat wif u guys too when i'm wif internet rite? aha.. dun try to lie.. so stil the same. jus tat i din go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner or supper wif u guys onli.. doesnt mean tat i dun spend time wif u guys ok?? :P Since Petrol HIKE, everything is increasing lar.. hv to save a bit. i'm reali PK d... wahahha :P.. ok lar.. enuff for tat!!

    ** so wat u do at home?? ur house dun hv internet connection, rite?? ** wahahha... u guys caught me wif tat question!! but luckily the answer is lagi easy.. gip me a 14" speaking box or lappie. wahahha.. er.. RADIO?? kenot lar.. as wat i mentioned on my title. i wil DIE~~ of BOREDOM. cos i cant play ard wif the RADIO. ** u cant play ard wif the TV too? ** but i can disturb the remote control ma.. press for RTM1, 2 and TV3. not ngam?? change to TV9, 8TV or Channel 7. stil not ngam?? ASTRO lar.. AEC, Wah Lai Toi, National Geographic, TVBS, WaTV, DisneyLand... who says i CANT play wif the TV har?? I wan it to SPEAK then i turn it ON. If I wan it to SHUT UP, i will turn it OFF.. wahahha... *** wat bt ur lappie at home?? *** my lappie.. so pathetic to tel u tat it onli has the memory of 256MB. wat can i do wif it? I cant install Photoshop for scrapping. I cant install .Net application for my blog's template design. I cant install Diablo or Counter Strike or War CRaft or DOTA in it. even i can install, i cant play. cos it wil move as if a tortoise climbing up a mountain. TOO SLOW. guess wat? i jus download easy games for kids and i jus stick on the chair wif my hands on the keyboard. wahhaha.... well, TAT'S ME!! ya.. liangzai alwis said i alwis like to play those stupid games. and he's rite! but tel me, wat can i do wif tat LAPPIE??? eesshh... No INTERNET No LIFE!!

    I hate to say this but I Have to ADMIT it SUITS ME!! :P


    1. Me too, without internet? Oh my goodness, how to stay alive? No idea...Balik kampung, tanam jagung, this is how my subordinate told me last time when he wanted to resign.

    2. tanam jagung ar?? teruk.. i wil melt under the sun.. u tel me lar.. how am i going to survive like this?? hehe.. kampung oso dowan me ar...

    3. Aiya...without internet, you still can do some household, read some favourite magazine, chat with your spouse, go out jalan jalan.....borak borak thru phone, prepare some nice nice meal... alot can do without internet..

    4. aiyo.. but tat one wont entertainment ler.. then i prefer to sleep whole day

    5. Yes, I also can die without Internet. It has become a part of my life.

    6. I guess if I get to see my other half everyday, I would prefer no internet!


    7. haha.. seems like those like us who are staying in 21st century got this kind of problem.

      ei peiyun...
      u're outdated d lar.. wahhaha.. jus joking...