Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch @ Nandos, The Mines

Date : 20-Nov-2008
Time: 1pm
Venue: Nandos, The Mines

ok.. had a veli extremely heavy lunch today. almost felt asleep after my lunch during working hours. omg!! ok.. today is not a special occassion. just a simple farewell lunch for my lead, Mr Chong. phew~~ he's leaving us to move on to a better and preferable place lor. :)

Dina planned to have lunch @ Nandos. all of us agree. well, i'm ok wif it. as long as u feed me wif food. i'm fine. haha... yup! whole team went out together. it's a nice get-a-long session wif them although i dun tok much. dunno wat to tok ma. Mr Chong had a brief tok abt his handover lor. telling us how to deal wif the users. at least i got some ideas on how the users behave. ok ok.. after listening to him, i think it's another time to test on my patience again!! tahan tahan.. economy not good. haha...

ok.. back to nandos. honestly speaking, this branch is reali lousy. the waitress dun understand wat we're ordering. keep on sending the wrong food to us. service not good. when we ask for change on the wrong order, the waiter wanna run away from responsibilities instead of giving a helping hand. i'm going to tel u guys.. i wont b in nandos, the mines again. reali lousy service. luckily the supervisor manage to come to help us but then stil giving us the wrong order. i think SS had to change her order for abt 4 -5 times cos the waitress dun understand wat we're telling them. omg!! tak faham then tanya lar. dun simply assume wat ppl wans.. or she dun understand english?? aiyo.. teruk lar..

time for pics.. :)

the chili sauce.. can u see EXTRA HOT?? haha..

the quote 'Famous for our flame-grilled PERI PERI Chicken' => ok.. this sounds reali lousy to me.

Dina and Chong.. ya.. the chubby fair man is my lead (manager i shld say).. hehe :)

my order.. 1/4 chicken wif 2 sidelines => coleslaw and peri chips.. well, nuthin special.. it's jus fries wif a lil sprinkles of chili powder. the chicken is not so tender plus it seems like over grilled. cos i stil can taste the 'hangus' (over-burnt) part of the chicken.. yucks...
Rate: 4/10

Camwhore-ing time again!! Dina and Liangmui. wahhaha... desperate for food lar.. veli hungry. Idris helped me to take the pic of me. wahahha...

see.. told u rite? we're reali DESPERATE for FOOD. reali veli hungry. Mr Chong was like swallowing the chicken instead of chewing it slowly. haha..
** pray hard tat he dun read my blog **

Time for group photo. for rememberance.. (clockwise) Dina, Mr Chong, Thiru, Idris and Liangmui.. Thanks to SS for helping us for this pic!

ok.. had abt 2 hours for lunch. reached office abt 230pm. luckily today i dun hv to attend any meetings. or else i'll b late. poor SS. she had to rush to her meeting. sorry ya.

oh ya.. forgotten to mentioned abt the price rite? one person is RM28.40 excluding Mr Chong's portion. cos it's his farewell. so we share share belanja him lor :).. kinda miss him now.. apa macam ar??


  1. Muhibahnya...Looks balance saja, got Malay, Chinese and India.

  2. I haven't been to Nandos for a long long time.

  3. borneo,
    me too.. extremely hungry.

    yea, u're rite.. quite muhibbah. haha.. :) we're malaysians anyway. but there's 2 of them are not msian. they are reali from india. :)

    go for a meal then. but dun go to the one in the mines. u wil regret wif their poor service.