Friday, December 5, 2008

Gem Of Life!!

wow.. u kno wat? this is the first time i'd been so damn lazy to work. the whole morning i was like so demotivated to my work. i got fed up wif my job. cos the users are reali extremely over-pampered. phew~~ must hv a proper training to them. jus to let them kno how suffering we are in IT team too. not onli them ok?? keep on pestering for all sorts of reports. and it's the month-end closing period now. server down lagi bcos of virus attack. hai~~ sueh lar...

as usual, had my lunch wif my 5 other lunch-mates. ok, we claimed ourselves as '6 Sticky Mangoes'. y? cos we watched too much of HK dramas d. got addicted to Moonlight Resonance. wahhaha...

SKY was so excited today. good mood summore. keep on toking abt BOSCO BOSCO and BOSCO. phew.. lucily today she changed her topic. or else we'll hv to stick to RAIN or DBSK!! or who-so-ever tat eat kimchi.. tat time lagi sien.. wahhaha...

if u're a MyFM listener, u guys sure will kno tat there are 4 special guests from HK will b coming to Malaysia to promote their new drama 'GEM OF LIFE'. er.. not new anymore.. it's airing abt more than 30 episodes d rite? wahha.. they stil promoting. who cares.. as long as i can see those leng jai leng lui. who's the one i wanna see the most?? of cos, eh eh... not BOSCO lar.. i wanna see BOWIE... yahoo~~ finally managed to see him in real person. nice man. some ppl said he's veli arrogant. but i dun think so.. :P

managed to take some videos and pics of them in the studio. do u kno how near i am wif them? wahahha.. jus a gap of a mirror.. wow.. hv to wait for abt 1 hr just to hv a look at them. so syok.. dear boss, if u read this, pls forgive me for doing so. cos i'm reali super stress. wahahah.. ok lar.. i kno wat u guys thinking.. i'll put the pics now ok??

ok.. they are doing some recording stuff lar. there.. we alwis listen to those artistes that promoting their new drama one ar.. it's pre-recorded and then onli broadcast to u. wahaha:P

Bowei, Maggie & Bosco

so happy.. Wong Tuck Paan & Bowie.. dunno wat jokes they are telling.. i wanna join in too..

ok.. dun complain on the pics ar.. i manage to snap it outside the studio. as i said.. jus a gap of the glass.. wahaha :P

so syok... motivate me at work now!


  1. darn song la..hehehe...See them so near.
    So bosco leng zai or not in reality??

  2. Liang Mui, finally get your updates. Why so long no posting?

  3. irish,
    bosco not bad.. leng jai. macam the bosco u look in TV lor.. not much difference. maggie siu look better in reality :) pretty and elegant.

    paisei lar.. keep u guys waiting. been in WW3 in office. no time to blog summore. everyday oso work til midnite.. wanna pengsan d. sorry to keep you waiting