Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blur Queen

aiks.. after a long break from holidays and also blogging.. damn miss the days where i used to blog more than 3 times per day. well, it's kinda busy ever since i changed my job. today is as usual too. worked til 7pm. and this is consider quite earli d

guess wat?? today damn blur lar.. usually i wil smile to each and everyone. habit. today stil the same lar. smiling to everyone tat i met. although i'm tired like hell, i stil smile. :) apa?? mau jaga image ma.. so hv to smile rite? and i bump to a handsome chap. phewwweeiitt!! so normallar.. smile :D.. guess wat? tat handsome budak smile back to me.. syok nya..

well, while i was walking to car park to get my car, i was thinking tat handsome man. he looks so familiar. macam kenal saje lar.. and his voice.. omg!! damn familiar lar... bah!!! NICHOLAS TEO.. ZHANG DONG LIANG.. aiksss!!!! stupid blurry queen. i miss the chance to tok to him. i miss the chance to take pic wif him. i miss the chance to tel him how much i like his songs so badly. i miss the chance to let him kno tat i'm stil crazy over his drama 'Smile Pasta'. aiks!!!! and guess wat? i summore dreamt of him yest and yet i forget his cutey face today. damn shit lar me!!

i jus sms-ed my frens ( the other 5 sticky mangoes). i saw zhang dong liang @ lobby. veli friendly plus hensem.. wahhahaha..... but i miss the chance to shake his hands. bah!! blur me lar.... if i kno i wil meet him, i wil grab my cam. if i kno i wil meet him, i wil greet him Merry Xmas and happy new year. if i kno i wil meet him, i wil drop my MSN id to him hoping tat he wil add me in his MSN and we chatted together.. if and onli if lar.. SHIT

tak pe tak pe.. this coming friday, i'm going to sit outside the studio and wait for my Super IDOLS.. SHE!! yahoo!!! this time i wont miss the chance to take their pics liao.. :P



  1. oi, liang mui, where hv you been la??? almost 3 weeks didn't see you already... after your sick post... you ok ah beside blur???

  2. i'm ok. but veli busy nowadays. i cant update my blog oso. when i go home, i stil work from home til 11pm. by the time i finish my thing, i'm oledi dead meat. haha :) wanna sleep

  3. aiseh..very pitiful la to miss the chance. Walaowei, next time when u see him, tell him, i also like him lei..don't forget.

  4. Irish,
    haha.. sure.. if onli i can meet him again, i wil do so. i'll tel him 'Nic, my 38 fren oso LOVE LOVE u veli muchie'.. wahahha...