Monday, December 8, 2008

What Kind of Soup Are You?

ok.. i miss everyone's blog since last 2 weeks. i din hv time to drop by. so sorry ya. i saw inbox's blog rgding soup. u guys kno i'm a soup lover rite? hehe.. but then it's jus a quiz. so sad.. i tot got special recipe for soup :).. but then i stil took the test. and it ended up to be as below.. omg!! i'm a CHILI :P

You Are Chili

You are a competitive and fun-loving person.

You love the outdoors. You enjoy games and sports of all kinds.

You are an adventurous and gutsy eater. If it's unusual, you're game!

You'll go for strange ingredients, mystery meat, and spicy flavors.

quite true too.. wahaha.. so anyone love to hv a test? click here