Tuesday, December 16, 2008


*** bluek bluek *** aiyoyo... finish vomiting. teruk~~ finally i'm sick for 3 days. can u imagine? long time din take MC d. feel good too. can sleep whole day at home doing nuthin. but then a bit boring lar.. cos i'm home alone. wahahhaa...

not sure wat happen. got high fever during sat nite. i was in penang at tat time. :( luckily i managed to stroll along the beach in the evening b4 the stupid kns fever hit me hard during nite time. we all suspected i had food poisoning but then i dun hv diarrhea. alamak! who cares.. high fever.. i think abt 40 degrees C. sunday morning stil hv to travel back to ipoh. and i slept whole day. at nite stil hv to travel back to kl. cos the next day is working day. so boring. reached kl first place is clinic. but their medicine seems like not strong enuff for me. taken abt one day the fever was not subsided. hmmm.. then how? stil took the medicine. til evening went to the other clinic to see another doc lor. this time better. tat's y i can blog today. shhh... i'm stil on MC ar.. pls dun tel my boss.. hahha.... wei, not easy to get a chance like this rite? approved leave without deducting ur annual leave. wahahha....

yest nite was a horrible nite. it's been ages since i'd been sick like this. i seldom vomit when i'm sick. yest reali teruk. i vomitted the porridge i took. and guess wat? it's onli a few spoons of porridge i took and yet i vomitted out. luckily i havent take my medicine yet. or else everything will b vomitted out. yucky rite?

well, as wat SS mentioned, mayb my body purposely slow down their production. jus to let me hv a good rest. i'm indeed veli tired. :) so remember to take good care of urself ya. dun b like me. veli pathetic :(.. haha.. jus joking.. i'm enjoying my MC lar :P


  1. Hey, take good rest ha, dun be notti.

  2. hey, take care pal!!!
    btw, am hoping to see some Pg posts from you. :)