Thursday, April 30, 2009

After Bonus Received @ Quattro

yahoo~~ damn syok.. ya ya.. bonus receiving.. but sigh~~ i'm not included ar.. cos i rank neither 'OUTSTANDING' nor 'SUCCESSFUL'.. they say new staff that's not in the appraisal period got no bonus wor.. sadnya~~ but anyhow, we managed to get some1 which ranked 'BE' (BEYOND EXPECTATION) to treat us for dinner and entertainment. yea yea.. the JAWS of the gang.

went outing together wif my bunch of crazy collix. yup.. dinner at sri petaling. ok.. not going to blog abt the food cos 1st, the food not so good and 2nd, i forget to snap pics.. haha.. biasa la.. nowadays like granma d.. got short term memory lost.. teruknya~~

after dinner, went to Quattro @ Avenua K. The hottest and most happening place @ KL. located rite opposite of KLCC. luckily i nonit to drive wor.. cos i wanna play a fool ma..

hmm.. can i mentioned our mission here ar? i think better not la.. or else later some1 dowan to go out drink beer/liquor/any alcoholic stuff wif us anymore.. so better keep my BIG mouth shut. hehe...

6 of us.. yea.. ok.. this time got pic. cos June remember to do so. wahhaha.. lemme intro the leng luis and 'leng jais'..

M-Zhen, Liangmui & June..

Liangmui & June.. she asked me the reason i posed like tat wor.. i oso dunno :P.. COS I LIKE LA.. kenot meh?

Simon.. or Mee Mee.. er... June started it first but sounds good rite?

June & Chris (the joker).. yea.. the best thing he can do is.. JOKE ard.. wahha..

Liangmui.. er.. dunno wat's June doing?? busy sms-ing..

M-Zhen & June => Peace to all..

The gang.. Chris, Leee-Onnn, Mee Mee, M-Zhen & Liangmui.

hai~~ Leee-Onnn & Mee Mee are going to move out to Cyberjaya d.. er.. i think ard 10 weeks gua.. cos our stupid dept is going to hv a 'GREAT' renovation wor.. die la me this time.. no one for me to bug liao.. eeshh.. geram-nya~~


  1. hahaha..Good to hear you back now.....Eh you changed company ah??

  2. Liang Mui, you really look so charming!

  3. Heaven,
    i think u're the first 1 to say i'm CHARMING wor.. wahha.. good good.. thx!

    solli la.. damn busy recently. no ar.. stil the same co. but i'm new to this co. onli abt 6 months.. so not included in the appraisal program until this coming Oct.. damn scary.

  4. Liang Mui, you have a happy look. Whoever is happy is charming!!!