Sunday, April 12, 2009


i kno i kno.. nothing special to blog abt burgers rite? so soli.. no recipe for burgers too.. then wat am i going to tell abt burger?

u kno sometimes it's reali good time to spend wif ur own siblings. my sis came to kl this weekend. fun! shopped whole day and went to Karaoke. teruk~~ recently i seemed like wanna join singing contest la. keep on going to Neway to practise my singing skill. wahaha.. but too bad.. i'm over-age.. -_-" sad~~

she jus went back @ 930pm. we sent her off quite earli. reached pasarakyat ard 8pm. then accompanied her to wait for the coach. went somewhere nearby the station. liangzai, she n me.. chatted all nite long.

out of sudden, the 'burger' topic came out. it's just becos the fatty liangzai had it for his supper yest. he said he ordered burger ayam special b4 he saw BURGER KING. it's jus a few cents difference. tat's y he regretted for not reading at the menu b4 ordering. dun care lar..

then my sis asked him wat's so special abt BURGER KING? he said nuthin special. hmm... 38 me jus asked her.. ok.. BURGER KING?? ada BURGER QUEEN tak??.. she just laughed and said.. dun have.. she said next time if i got a burger stall, then create a recipe for it lo.. yea yea... she's smart rite? then she asked some more.. wat's the recipe going to be?? i just replied...

BURGER KING - extra 2 eggs and 1 sausage


BURGER QUEEN - extra 2 eggs.. :P

wahahha... all of us laughed sampai nearly fell off from our seats.. ya ya ya.. if u guys are as 38 as me, then u will kno wat i meant.. :P

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  1. Not 38 but so obscene one your thinking..Hehe..
    Anyway, i also get to understand too..wahaha...