Monday, April 20, 2009

YEAH!! Told U Rite??

can see clearly or not?? wahhaha.. damn syok-nya.. i remembered Heaven gor gor/ jer jer asked me wic one of them i'm fancy of. and No DOUBT!! I answered Ella cos i'm more likely like her rite?? and this quiz proved so! yahoo~~ damn syok-nya~~

opps.. lupa some1 out there dun understand mandarin.. ok ok.. translator come to do her job now..


"Among SHE, Ella is the most passionate, extrovert and likes to act cute. Her short hair always give the impression of tom-boyish. Besides being hyper-active, she understands and cares about people. Therefore, You ** tat means ME, Liangmui ** that's have similar individuality like Ella, are energetic, active and knows how to look after other people."

wow.. so great.. the one bold in pink is just like me.. ok.. tengah syok sendiri sekarang.. :P

1 comment:

  1. it's good to be like ella....she's so so adorable and funny~!

    happy labour day =]