Wednesday, April 15, 2009


-_-" i kno.. this is a very sensitive word. but then, somehow i keep calling SS this. and guess wat... she got mad recently. she blamed me as most of my collix in IT dept also calling her this. ok ok.. and who-so-ever call her this again, she will put the blame on me.. aiks~~

dun ask me since when i call her so.. i reali cant recall on this.. and guess wat? she learnt sth new. THREATENING me.. phew~~ i think i hv to keep my mouth shut! or else the whole world will kno abt it.. wahha.. ok lar.. trying veli hard not to call her AUNTIE.. wahahaha... and i kno some of my 38 collix are reading this. ** oi.. u better stop calling her AUNTIE ya.. or else u all wont be see-ing liangmui ard d.**

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  1. Certain words are sensitive : use with caution..hehehe.....