Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Just Like To Blog! So Wat?

again, ppl asked me the same question..

"y u alwis blog ar? y ar? so syok meh? i reali salute u la. can write so much de.. so many things to write meh? plus ppl wil read meh?"

can i jus reply back like this?

"y u ppl keep on asking y blogger likes to blog? y ar? syok tak syok i like la.. salute then better salute properly.. btw, i'm typing not writing :P btw, i blog jus bcos i like to blog not bcos i wanna attract ppl to read abt me ok?"

stupid!! some ppl.. jus dun understand.. y keep on asking me y y y?? there's no reason de ma.. jus like the ppl out there who likes scuba diving.. ask them y they like to dive lar... or else then jus ask other ppl out there who likes to sleep.. ask la... ask them y... NO REASON de ma.. it's jus a liking..

blog.. like liangzai said, a place for me to type out wateva i like.. a place for me to post wateva stuff i like.. a place for me to blast my anger at anytime i like.. so wat? who reali cares? so?? I STIL WILL BLOG.. just dun ask me y? no reason as i jus like to BLOG!

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