Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daniel Wu & Jackie Chan

yes yes yes!! finally, motivation came. :D ya.. wat else can i say.... i saw them real person. omg!! real life man!! not in TV.. not thru tat big big screen in the dark dark room.. omg!! andy gor.. u better say this post is sth interesting.. or else u die la.. wahahha...

daniel wu ar... damn hensem man.. i cant reali concentrate during the meeting. omg!! i keep on thinking abt him. no lar.. bluff u all de.. :D.. i din kno he come to MyFM oso.. SS kept mentioning abt this since last week. but then i dun remember i heard it from MyFM ler.. so i jus dun bother it.

so after meeting, SS just mentioned 'Daniel came lar.. In studio now..' ok.. rushing like hell again., takut die lari ma.. this time, i think i'm quite lucky cos i bumped into Hiew Hiew.. hehehe... yea.. he can masuk Studio ma.. so he brought us in lo. so lucky rite? hehe... finally, i can see how the LIVE interview going on in the studio.. omg!! my heart melt when i saw DANIEL!! ** (humming with the song 'Can't take my eyes over you.... ' ** apa lagi?? take pic la.. wahhaha.. this time wif my brand new bb, N85. clearer pic.. better resolution. wahah.. bingo!!

but then still got a lady stopped us from doing so. u guys kno rite? i'm not tat type tat gip up easily although u keep on telling me NO. :P so jus dun care lar.. snap snap snap!

after 30mins, we decided to wait for them outside the studio. cos Hiew Hiew said kenot stay there too long wor.. ok lo.. just wait outside lo.. waited waited waited.. showed off the pics to Staley and others.. wahahha.. see.. sharp sharp pic ler.. who cares..

then get ready for them to come out from studio.. yahoo~~~ 3, 2 and 1.. omg!! the ladies are reali crazy over Daniel. i heard most of the ladies shouted for Daniel. Jackie's damn cute. he's exactly the person tat u watch in movies ok? friendly man! i managed to shake hands wif them. guess wat?? and i'm not going to wash my hands for 1 month.. wahhaha... damn syok nya...

ok.. i dowan to write so much cos i jus cant wait to post my pics now :P.. just posted the best ones ya.. hehe...

lets count down.. 3



deng deng deng deng....

hensem leh.... drooolliing now.. wahahha...

some more??? ok ok

wahha.. uncle Jackie...

I went home and told Liangzai.. and asked him a stupid question.
M - Liangmui, L - Liangzai

M: What does DANIEL have that you don't have?
L: Money..

M: What do YOU have that DANIEL doesn't have?
L: er... LIANGMUI.. and.. some more no expiry date.....
M: -_-"

regretted to marry him.. teruk...


  1. Hey liangmui what Kerja you work lah....always can rub shoulder with celebrity one?? U worked @ myFM??......By the way , when your liangzhai answer your last question, you should be touched & feel terharu when he say like that mah....Lastly, u got kena april fool by anyone or not??

  2. getting into MYFM or any radio company was once my dream. Being anything in the field of broadcasting is my interest. And 1 thing is, i don't seem 2 be interested in anything except watching celebrities..tats y i actually decided 2 study mass communication

    So sumtimes i dunno whether i shud be happy for getting a full scholarship to sponsor me overseas but studying sumthing boring? hahaha sorry ar my emo comment ruined ur post
    i guess..i'm not over it yet..but i moved on
    aihh menyedihkan larr

    he was the 1st actor that i loved!!!
    omg semakin old semakin MAN!!!!

  3. U darn lucky wei..hehe...I can only see them on TV.
    Liangzai also cute ma.

  4. Hi Robinson..
    me ar? working as IT Developer lo.. but not working @ myFM. wahaha.. make a guess. but i dun think it's hard to guess oso. btw, i do not wanna rub shoulders wif them. i hope i can hug them.. better still.

    Hi yan,
    glad to see u emo-ing again lar.. macam long time din emo together wif u. and i agreed wif u.. the older he is, the more leng jai he is too.. hehe..

    Hi Irish..
    yea yea.. as i said. motivation after hectic work lo.. hehhe.. tel u wat.. i reali look at DANIEL gao gao gao tat day.. hehe..

  5. Hi robinson..
    miss out ur last quest.. i din get fooled cos no one wanna fool me. dunno y my collix alwis tot i'm smart enuff..

  6. have you watch that movie la, liangmui? i watched, it was too violent to my liking. :(

  7. Hi NKB,
    not yet watch it. it's not my liking too. but stil will support Daniel :)

  8. Aiya, why it's not Andy Lau? I am a big fan for Andy Lau, if you have any chance to post him on your blog, please remind me that !!!

  9. Hi heaven
    aiya.. if andy lau i think i will nit to go to tanjung rambutan d.. u think i stil can blog it out meh?? hehe :D