Friday, March 20, 2009

Badminton => Finally!!

still remember previously how i gip all sorts of excuses for not joining a badminton game? phew~~ and today the stupid conversation came out again. but it's with SS. hahaha... and i stil join the game. :( cos of SS la..

again.. today is Friday. got no mood to work ** macam everyday no mood to work rite? ** but today special cos it's friday!! after lunch, we had a short chat wif the guys sitting opposite me again. and this time, SS joined us cos at first she wanted to go for a LIVE talk at the studio. but then we din proceed on the plan cos we cant simply cabut half way. so jus gip up. so SS was at my place chatting wif the guys too. phew~~ then i jus simply asked Simon whether he's going for badminton game. SS jus got so excited. she wanted to join but then she feel paisei cos not familiar wif the guys. ** ahem!! macam i'm veli familiar pulak. i onli close wif simon la.. the rest not ngam me (oppss.. hope they dun read this) **

after the conversation, she started to bug me on the badminton game tonite.. err.. u guys kno how i rate my laziness rite?? i jus told SS to gip me abt 1 hr to consider abt it. wahhaa.. actuali i was hoping tat she will gip up. wahhha.. so bad of me. but i can tel u one thing. when SS is interested on sth, she will make sure she do it. wahha.. so u all kno how she bugged me on my consideration rite? every 15mins she wil bug me once until i asked her how many percent of excitement she hv now for the badminton game? disappointedly, she replied 50%.. -_-" then y bugged me like tat? hahaha...

well, after 1 hr of consideration, i agreed to accompany her. ;(.. aiyo.. i'm not good at badminton lar.. not i hit the shuttlecock.. i sure will kena hit by shuttlecock instead.. phew~~ so scary.

so.. 7pm. fetched SS went to badminton court. looking for the guys. and start playing. -_-" aiyo.. i oledi mentioned earlier.. i dunno how to play de.. somemore first game oledi play doubles - (Kaanthini n SS vs Simon n Liangmui) and being forced to partner wif simon .. -_-" aiyo.. some more so many experts looking at us. mayb we're not familiar wif the guys la..

ok ok.. i jus treat it as accompanying SS. haha.. anyway, i got nuthin better to do at home oso.. :D.. so jus join the game.. play wif the leng jais ** hehe.. not bad oso ** learnt sth abt the rules. wahhaha.. yea.. i'm lousy at sports la.. any sports tat will sweat a lot just count me out ya.. hehehe :P besides tat, relationship building wif the guys la.. cos they look extremely serious at work until i dun dare to 38 wif them.. :)

Finally... i managed to play badminton... no more next time pls....