Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3rd Night In Cinema

ya ya.. yest went out for a movie again! ** wah lao eh.. how come these few days keep on going for movie? sunday went for MUMMY, monday went for WALL-E and yest went for YOU CANT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN ** y?? jealous ar? i got free tickets for the last 2 days ma.. hehe.. some more it's movie screening ler.. this time is in CINELEISURE.. nv been to such event b4 plus bloggers' gathering although i kno none of them.. wahha.. so wat! everyone was there to enjoy the movie wat!!..

yes!! stil remember i joined the contest?? from the Advertlets?? ** aiseh.. Advertlets again ar? ** kenot meh?? hehe... ya.. got myself 2 free tickets. and the blog contest and also hair contest.. siao.. u guys kno me rite? i'll definitely not going for HAIR STYLE contest. cos i dun hv nice and silky smooth hair.. wahhaha.. so ma join blog contest lor.. gained nuthin.. phew~~ the guy who were sitting 2 seats away from me got it!! regretted for not getting his blog address lar... btw, he got the prize of HAIR DRYER.. hahah.. suits him.. cos he got a almost shoulder length hair and was using a hair band to get his hair settle UP instead of DOWN.. hahaha... he was analysing tat hair dryer and discussing wif his fren abt the steps of using it and it's funny. cos his fren got onli 1-inch hair and he expected his fren to tel him how to use tat thingy. haha.. his fren jus replied 'u better dun ask me. i nv use it b4. get some gals and ask abt the steps.' wahahah.. i was sitting next to them, giggling like siao cha bo.. cos i'm jealous of not getting anything from tat contest..

haha.. aiya.. as usual.. they mentioned to gathered at 830pm and this time even worst!! the movie start at 930pm and jus imagine summore it's not punctual ler.. was so sleepy at tat time d... was yawning here and there. luckily i brought my PSP wif me. phew~~ save my day. play my RATATOUILLE game lor.. macam small kid.. who cares.. liangzai jus sit in front of the TV watching for the movie trailers... 1 hour passed. so queued up for drinks and snacks. then find a nice place to sit ** cos it's free seating ** so waiting for the movie to start. omg!! the movie onli started ard 10pm after those trailers finished.. i was already nearly to fall asleep liao.. faster lar.. kenot tahan d...

hey.. the movie's not bad.. damn funny. haha.. lotsa dialogues will make u laugh til u roll off from the seat. haha... ok.. reveal one line '... it needs oxygen. it looks like being strangled under there.' phew~~ this reali make me laugh like siao cha bo lar.. beh tahan.. wat?? u wan summore?? er.. ok.. lemme think a bit lar.. u guys kno my rusty brain... 'jus 1 touch at my PP'.. hehehe.. aiya.. dowan to tel so much liao... one word to describe => FUNNY.

watch it out urself ya.. hehe....

phew~~ reached home at 12am. oledi like zombie d.. sleepy.. grandpa chow looking for me :P


  1. haha.. dun jealous..
    but then i was hoping u and lil inbox were there. so tat we got a meet up ma :D

  2. watched zohan too, so damn funny!