Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pasta for Dinner

haha.. i kno lotsa u guys read the title and u wil vomit rite? i guess u guys mus be wondering how come this family likes spagetti so much.. ** giggles ** yes!! we love spagetti veli much especially the traditional tomato sauce. of cos.. some of the ingredients will change once a while.

tis time, instead of using the linguine tat we normally used, we changed it to BUTTERFLY-shaped pasta. yup!! BUTTERFLY-shaped.

ya.. this is the one ok?? wat to do wif them? aiks ** smash on forehead twice ** boil them lor..

while boiling the pasta.. hee hee.. prepare the ingredients.. ok.. can tomato puree, baby corns, luncheon meat, burger meat and onions. remember to get indian onions and thai onions. ok.. wat's the difference btw tat 2 types of onions? hmm.. indian onions will bring a sweet taste when u boil the gravy and thai will make the gravy extra fragrance...

1) add a lil oil to a heated wok.. then fry the onions until they turn brownish..
2) then add the meat and fry them.. mix well with the onions and meat..
3) once the meat turn brownish, add in tomato puree and baby corns.
4) add in a can of water and mix well together the mixture again..
5) let it simmer for abt 10-15mins

wanna see how the chefs working in the kitchen??

** eessshhh eeesshhh ** how come these 2 sama pattern one.. wahaha.. of cos lar.. if not, how can we click together rite? wow~~ busy busy...

ok.. the pasta is ready.. so i get a container.. add in 2-3 spoons corn oil (depends on how much pasta u're preparing) and oregano leaves.. yahoo~~ extra extra leaves. y?? taste better..

then mix well.. so it wil turn to be like this...

ahem... apa macam?? looks good?? not ready yet..

once the gravy is ready, get the amount of pasta tat u wan and add in the gravy wif the meat and corns.. so it wil b like this..

TA DA!!! yummy yummy rite?? so apa macam?? boleh ar??

ok lar.. see oledi oso hungry... kenot tahan d... mouth watery pasta!! yahoo~~ the liangmui & liangzai's version....


  1. wow... looks yummy!!!! can i request a plate of that ah??

  2. haha, NKB.. of cos u can. but then it's already completely digested out from my body liao wor.. hahah :P

  3. Linag Mui, next time you can try olive oil, it tastes yummy. Aha, now I saw your kitchen. Hmm...next time I can follow ur method a little bit, cuz I used to cook salad style's pasta only, not with tomato puree type.

  4. haha.. my kitchen looks messy a bit.. paisei.. haha.. it's a rented house so dun plan to beautify it oso lar.. so let it b lor since i'm moving out from there next yr. hopefully. haha :)

    hey.. salad style pasta?? got any recipe?? lemme try try oso.

    actuali wanna get olive oil one. but then the price is not so captivating.. wahahha.. so i jus corn oil instead lor.. then add oregano leaves.. hehe..

  5. oh i made simple version, dun use oil. just bottle tomato puree + minced chicken meat/sausage + sliced carrot..
    easy to do mah.. hehehe..

  6. hey ben.. good idea..
    less oil less problems.. haha...
    but then we're using those processed meat ar.. hehe.. if we can fry fry a bit, wil taste better.. see!! this is how ppl used to say healthy stuff is always not tat nice but unhealthy stuff alwis nice to eat.. haha..

  7. Looks good! I love those butterfly shaped pasta, so pretty!

    Hello, first time visiting here. :)

  8. hi cc,
    thx for visiting. pls come again :)