Thursday, February 5, 2009

Damn Free!!

hai~~ thursday curse happened again! well, normally when it comes to thursday, the server will b like a bit coo-coo.. wic means i cant do anything if the server is not ready. "-_-".. poor me!!

lotsa things hv to settle by end of today. but i cant get it done. so sad. tomolo life's will b sucks! haha.. hopefully not tat bad. pray hard to god so tat tomolo server's performance will be better.

wat i did the whole day? nuthin... i chatted wif my hubby and my frens. then i played ard wif my team mates. i guess at this time, they are not free to entertain me too. was hving a small discussion wif my team mates jus now. and my team lead was so surprised to see me cos she tot i'm on leave as today it seems like a silent day. so u guys kno how talkative and 38 i am in the office now rite... haha.. well, good sign! at least someone stil care abt my existance.. hahaha....

valentines' coming soon. got no special plans oso cos during this day, everywhere will be stuck together wif couples. and this day is going to b our 2nd anniversary ever since liangzai and me got engaged. ** er.. i should say 2nd yr of being legally married ** how come i sounds so sad geh? ya lar.. kenot kao jai anymore.. no more flirting ard wif the guys. but do u think i stil follow the rules? of cos NO lar.. i stil flirt ard until my frens beh tahan.. but then.. y shld i care?? ahhaha.. as long as i din do anything wrong to my hubby rite? btw, liangzai FLIRTS too.. wahahha.. but onli to selected person.. and tat's ME!! wahahhahaa.... he's registered under LIANGMUI's PROPERTY... wahahha.. no one can touch. :P

finally, managed to get all those bills paid. phone bills lar.. internet bills lar.. water bill lar.. electric bill lar.. phew~~ seee.. not easy to b liangzai's wife too. hv to be his financial controller. well, hopefully he upgrade me to MF (Minister of Finance).. hahaha.. cincai him lar.. promote me to AGUNG oso can lar..

now listening to Beyonce's song. If I Were a boy. hmm.. tel u wat.. beyonce jus sang out my words of mind. wahaha.. i used to hope tat i'm a boy. so now u guys kno how come i'm so boyish ya.. wahahhaa.. ya lar.. watever guys can do, i can do too except being naked in public.. plus i can born baby but not guys.. wahahha.. i think god shld b fair a bit la.. create MEN tat can born babies.. let them feel the pain so they wont take for granted on women.. rite rite?? anyone agree?? wahahha...

ok lar.. hv to cut the crap liao.. start monitoring the stupid KNS server and back to work.. SIEN-ness... can some1 tell me y working life is so sien de?


  1. hahaha...This is funny....Wish you + your liangchai "happy valentine" day ...hahaha like when u say : "registered under Liangmui's property'.....tickle my funny bone...

  2. I will register you under minister of Toilets. Let you take care of the tandas... Very important jobs... :)