Wednesday, February 4, 2009


damn geng ler me.. this morning i was like busy like hell and yet i went out for a movie at nite. plus.. i can even blog during day time. wahahha.. dun feel like working today lar.. first day start working after long holidays ma.. haha...

yup.. watched inkheart! well, if u guys love fiction stuff like i do, i bet u wil like ** u kno wat's the difference between LOVE and LIKE, rite? ** this movie. just imagine if u can red out loud and the characters of the book come alive.. phew~~ if i'm gifted to hv this kind of ability, i think i will read all the catalogues from those hypermarkets, boutiques and etc.. wahahha.. save money in shopping. just read out watever i like and i'll get it. nice rite? ok.. i kno it's time for me to start dreaming di...

i din kno this movie is based on a novel until i googled it from the net. ok.. this shows tat i'm not a bookworm rite? hehe.. who cares?? as long as i watched the movie, enuff lar.. :D

so far i like the story of this movie. i reali hv to salute the ppl or technology tat can bring unicorn, flying monkeys and other funny funny stuffs in the movie. wow.. would love to see UNICORN live.. but either they extinct or doesnt exists.. haha... would like to be just like DustFinger that has magic with him to play with FIRE just wif a click of fingers... hehe

ok.. again, dun ask me abt the synopsis as u guys can read it from the net. haha... if u wanna kno the details of the movie, jus pay and watch in cinema. well, i kno u guys are thinking of pirated dvds rite? wahahaha.. if u reali like those fairy tales stories, gip a try to watch this in cinema. no regrets!

well, i like the way how ANDY SERKINS acted as CAPCRICORN in the movie. his smile is quite captivating. he's evil but yet he has a friendly look. hahaha.. u gotta watch this yourself.. hard to explain. as for Brandon Fraser, hmm.. if u watched Mummies (Part 1,2 & 3), Journey to the center of the earth and etc, it's just the normal acting. haha.. nuthin special lar...

hmm.. got one question.. how come when i read out loud this phrase, it doesnt comes real? -_-"

you wanna kno? ok.. just promise to READ OUT LOUD ya...



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  1. hahahaha..... you're funny!!
    hey, nice ah the movie?? I thought of watching the other one, the cantonese one and the other on the bride war.