Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is It A Good thing when Ppl Think You're Superwoman?

i reali hate this kind of feeling. where every shit that ppl create and you have to clear it. and salary tak increase pun by clearing the shits. and the BIG ppl will jus tel u that.. harlow it's part of your job. yea yea.. it's part of the job. if i din take initiative to clear the shits, do you think u can sit there and relax? if i din take the initiative to clear the shits, do you think u can sleep peacefully every nite? and if i din take the initiative to clear the shits, do you think you can get the fame, promotion, another-BIG-ppl's-appreciation and wat-so-eva? and wat i've got? at the end of the year, i'm just being told tat it's part of my job. it doesnt consider as my INITIATIVE!!! and tat's y my salary got increased by pathetically 3% where im expecting for 5%. ** is it too much? it's only abt rm50 every month**

i hv such lovey dovey fren. where she jus point.. u buat nih, i buat tu.. eh.. y i nit to do so? again.. it's PART of MY JOB!! when ppl come and scold/blame me, yea yea.. it's PART OF MY JOB!! there's once where my fren commented. 90% of ur salary = all the scoldings/blames that you will get and 10% of it = backstabbing & politics. if you can manage the scoldings and wat-so-eva well, tat means u're great. so does tat mean tat if im the boss, i can keep on scolding my staffs? arghh~~ harlow.. to all the big ppl out there, MOTIVATE your staff sikit la.. u stil need the expertise and help from your staff.. sayang la sikit.. sikit MONEY oso tak mau keluar.. sape mau kerja dgn you.. correct? ya.. anyway, MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING!! yea.. either i quit my job o i jus tahan rite? afterall, everywhere will be the same.. get SCOLDINGS and BLAMES and BACKSTABBING and etc etc etc.. then why not i get more MONEY and less scolding at else where? ** u dream on la.. there's no such good thing in this world. **

argh.. dunno how la..teach me pls

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  1. LOL - lIANGMUI WELCOME BACK - hope everything is fine within marriage life though maybe not in office - your rantings might echo many's feeling...What a feeling!!!