Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Cut!!

yes!! got my hair cut short again!.. ok.. Cyndi n SS just complained that I'm supposed to keep it long but but but.... i stil prefer it short.. cos I'm a lil boyish.. plus LAZY bum.. :) that's y cut it short..

was supposed to have my hair cut last Sat but Nicole (the hair stylist) was busy at that time. and we couldn't spend much time in waiting for her as there's a long queue. so we made it on Sunday instead.

11am on Sunday, waited Nicole outside her shop. phew~ crazy.. jus one hair cut and we had to wait for her to open the shop. and the bad thing is SHE WAS LATE for 30mins.. so so so.. crazy... tat's jus because I'm too ADDICTED wif short hair d.. so can't wait to see my hair to chop off short.. wahah...

ok.. first customer of the day. I just told her.. CUT SHORT WIF NEW HAIR STYLE! wahhaa.. and she patiently cut my hair.. me?? almost fall asleep while she was chopping off my hair.. too tired.. y?? cos hv to remove sth from Facebook. ** oi.. u kno who i meant rite? Nescafe Tarik satu.. thanks ** it took her almost 30mins i guess.. cos i'd oledi snoring like a pig in the saloon. luckily liangzai n me was in the saloon. or else damn paisei..

yes!! satisfied with the results..

liangzai n me

Front view


left.. the 'yeng' part.. i like this the most... veli short!

NEW LOOK.. gotta motivate myself a bit by chopping off my messy hair.. tomolo gotta start working d.. sien...


  1. I like your new hair style ler, looks tidy.
    Sad, recently I have the hair fall problem. Can't cut short short hair liao, if not ppl will discover it. :(

  2. oo.. sad to hear tat. is it bcos you have oily hair? mayb can check with the experts.

  3. So now know your Liang chai as well :)

  4. Good, more neat and easier to take care. :)