Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Liangmui!

NG claimed so! haha.. ok ok.. wat i did to her? yeah.. I RAPE her.. wahha.. joking la.. well, her birthday fell on last saturday and it happened to be weekend so we couldnt meet up lo. sadly to say i dun hv her hp number. so wat i did? disturbed SS earli in the morning just to get her special HP number which she din disclose it to me. sadnya~~

luckily SS replied. or else i wont be able to wish her rite in time. u kno lar.. our IT dept started the renovation, all of us are relocated at each and every corner. and we're not together ma. so can hardly meet each other. ** actuali belum start lagi.. sigh~~ **

today she came to office. yes.. finally met her up! and i saw gtalk-ing wif her.

liangmui: today whole day here?

NG: y le? :)

liangmui: tel me first

NG: btw, is yr XXX at the mines there now?

liangmui: he's in induction today wor.. so u're in abc whole day?

NG: oic.. wil go for mtg later...

liangmui: ic.. but whole day in ABC? u din answer my question de..

NG: when got mtg, then not in here lo..

liangmui: :S but stil in this building rite? when's ur mtg?

NG: the more u ask, the more curios i wanna kno y? issit bcos someone wanna sit here?

liangmui: no la.. i jus wanna confirm wat time u're not ard..can o not? i concern u oso kenot meh?? hai~~
ya la.. u better sit other place.. tat place i wanna leave for my XXX.. haha

NG: haha.. soli soli. my mtg at 5pm today. lazy go over the mines.. after so many things happened at mines car park.. scary.. but will b there once no more mtg here..

liangmui: haha.. ic ic..

** bullshiting liao.. so dowan continue here **

she was stil ard after lunch. guess wat? i 38 a bit wif her then i went to cafe wif MT. jus to get her a small cake.. yea la. i kno i'm stingy. but i onli can afford to get her a small piece of cake instead of 1kg de ma.. kenot meh? hehe.. so i surprised her wif tat small piece of cake. hoping she like la..

haha.. tat's y she's wondering y i keep on asking her lotsa funny questions now.. kinda sad cos she tot i'm reserving the seat for leng jai. yoh.. tat's the impression i hv in her heart.. damnit!! kenot b so 38 in office liao..

her cute expression made me happy la.. :) u all kno rite? whenever my frens are happy, i'm happy :) good.. hehe.. and she kept on telling how sweet i am. liangmui is the first to wish her happy birthday among the collix. liangmui gave her the first present in office.. wow!! all the first time coming liao.. so cham! the rest hv to reflect themselves a bit liao.. wahahha :P

so?? end result? i made my fren happy and in the end, she praised tat i'm sweet. how she kno i'm sweet ya? i din bath for a few days wor.. i tot that shld b SaLTY instead of sweet..wahhaha.. :P

anyway.. it's a belated birthday cake.. :)

Happy belated birthday, NG!!


  1. "whenever my frens are happy, i'm happy :)" - This is good, eh liang mui "chong jut kong wu" (came out of 'retirement"-cantonese)...Long time no hear u cerita.....:)

  2. robinson, i hven retire from blogging la.. hehe.. jus tat i dun blog tat much compared with the times i haven change my job. nowadays, kinda busy.. :S