Wednesday, June 3, 2009

D90 Craze Week..

aiks... dah ketagihan (addicted) sangat!! was hving a nice chat wif my bro and suddenly he brought up the topic. ya.. his gang is seducing him wif the new hobby.. photography.. and he tot i'm the stupid type.. wahahha... ** oi kiddo, ur kakak oledi gile on this earlier la.. since last yr,'s EOS450D launched **

most of my frens knew abt this and they encouraged me to get one DSLR instead of using my 4-yr-old tiny digital cam. yea.. the onli photographer in the group. of cos encouraging me to get one lar.. so they can hv FOC photographer ma..

i stil remember how teoh and me toking abt the topic. wic cam to get, wat lens to buy.. we even planned to get one together and the kns kid got his first without waiting for me. and now, he's showing off his BIG Toy to me.. eesshh.. geramnya...

me now changed target to Nikon d.. y ar? jus simply i love extra colorful pics la.. not to say canon is not good.. jus tat i prefer Nikon more ya.. no offend.. ** hoping Ivan dun read this cos he jus got his 50D **

esshh.. now reali hope my house's renovation can gao tim asap then i can get DSLR. oi.. must hv financial planning lar.. or else teruk~~ end up bankrupt lagi teruk kan kan?? hehe...

was asking for special sponsorship. hv to forget on FAMA loan (FAther and MAma loan).. i think mayb my dad will support. cos he's the one who inspired me to be involved in photography.. he used to take pics a lot wif his 'TOY' ** which is considered as antique nowadays.. neh, those using FILEM to take pics and then u have to go to a shop to develop the pics.. haha.. ** his lens got broken and no spare part can be found. tat's y he din play ard wif his 'TOY' d. once a while, he stil will disturb my digital cam la.. although he's not familiar wif the functions of my cam, he stil able to get those nice angels out. so so so.. better get D90 rite? hehe.. but mama will start nagging. lotsa feedback from the gang in facebook.. wahha.. good ideas..

ok.. hv to discuss wif liangzai to get one d.. hopefully can get 1 before our phuket trip.. :P so i can show off to teoh.. my turn to revenge la :P

can see my new 'TOY' now?? damn hensem rite?? hehe... wif tat 'musculine' body.. omg!! KENOT TAHAN D...


  1. Ayo it seems now everyone into photography & using the PRO machine...Fu-yoh..Congrats lah, Liang mui

  2. robinson,
    i havent got one yet.. :)

  3. OH OH planning to get one...b4 phuket trip....Oklar, share some photos then :)

  4. haha.. yea yea.. phuket trip.. sure will share out )

  5. Faster get one. D90 very cheap only mah... can shoot video somemore!! Good choice! Bought liao?