Friday, October 30, 2009

Phuket Trip Day 2... (Part 3)

aiyo.. I'M STILL ALIVE LA.. just tat i'm lazy to update my blog d.. hahhaa... continue continue...

4th Destination... Monkey Island.. to see all the monkeys.. female, male and kids..wahahha...

Male Monkey..
Female one...

We were advised not to touch the monkeys.. but the monkeys molested us wor.. can sue them o not ar?

after short break in the island, we proceeded to Phi Phi Island. Now onli i kno Phi Phi island consists of 2 islands. Phi Phi Leh & Phi Phi Don.

We stopped at one of the island to have our lunch. Buffet style.. taste so-so. but stil can eat la.. but i was reali exhausted d... so after lunch, i had my own sweet nap. :D

break for 1 hour.. then heading to next station.. the other Phi Phi island. This island got better scenery. Smooth sand.. Lotsa ppl.. Nice sea..

see.... tat's the way we enjoy ourselves.. wahahha... at first planned to make a sandcastle but then we changed it to fool the other fren :) salute him for his sporting-ness!


  1. So nice!! -really enjoy yourself hor, Johorian Liang mui

  2. It's a nice place to relax and enjoy the view....must go there one day!

  3. I was in Phuket ... I think back in April 2007 ... and I had the same lunch too. It seemed that the style and decor never change at all. :)

  4. bk, ic ic.. wow.. tat was 2 yrs back.. omg! then i guess if i'm there again next 2 yrs, it will still b the same. thx for dropping by :D