Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phuket Trip... Day 2 (Part 2)

paisei for not updating my blog for some time.. now i continue my trip post ya.. :)

2nd destination - Pileh Cove..

basically.. nuthin much :) but u can reali enjoy the scenery.. and also crystal clear water.. most of the boats are stopping aside for the tourists to enjoy the scenery. the weather was nice. not too shiny nor too windy.. ngam ngam..u can feel the sea breeze swaying along ur skin.. phew~~ damn relaxing..

after stopping for some time, reach 3rd destination..

Viking Cave..

This was the place where orang zaman dulu dulu stay de. The tour guide said there are some drawings on the walls of the cave.. neh.. those we studied in our History subject during scool days.. haha.. not sure how true.. cos we din get the chance to get into the cave. Now it has become the place to get birds' nests. wow!! some security guards are hired to stay there to protect the birds. :)

crystal clear water.. see.. can see the fishes ler.. but i think the fishes are reali hungry cos when we threw the bananas and breads, the fishes are like the jaws that smells blood.. rushing for the food. And surprisingly, the food was like 'Now you see it.. now you don't' in less than 5 seconds.. can you imagine that?


  1. wah, so long never update blog...tot u hilang already

  2. haha.. almost hilang.. then suddenly think of u guys.. kinda miss the times where i used to update my blog so frequent..haha.. :D