Friday, September 25, 2009

Phuket Trip... Day 2 (Part 1)

2nd day of trip.. damn syok.. excited.. but i dun feel quite well. mayb due to the weather o the environment. woke up earli morning. feeling a bit sien sien (laziness). blur blur took my breakfast then waited 20min for the van to pick us up.

the journey to jetty is abt 40min. damn tired and sleepy. reached the jetty with full of blurness in my head.. wahaha... but stil can remember to take some pics la..

The Jetty
Liangmui and June..

Then then... guess wat?? we gotta take speed boat to each and every stop. =.=" speed boat wor... luckily i swallowed a pill to avoid seasick. weather is kinda windy. so the sea is kinda wavy and the boat is damn bumpy. some of the passengers vomitted in the boat.. yucks.. well, liangzai n me are quite lucky as we're sitting at the front side of the boat. so it's veli syok especially when the strong wind blowing towards me. feeling like flying off the boat.. wahahha.. but too bumpy la.. bump until my bones macam wanna crack off.. wahha... tahan tahan.. for 40mins again.

First Station... Maya Beach.

Honestly, i like this place compared to Phi Phi Island. the sea is veli crystal clear and blue... the scenery is nice.. the sand is soft.. omg!! i wanna go there again. lotsa tourists. the toilet design is quite special. whahaha...

Camho wif liangzai

ok.. gotta stop here. sory.. hv to work liao. boss is sitting behind me.. hehe :)


  1. Happy mid autumn festival to you & your loved ones & family as well :-D

  2. Toilet design?... but you forgot to show us a pic or two of the nice toilet ler.