Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Phuket Trip.. Day 1

went to phuket during merdeka wif my bunch of 38 collix. had a great fun.. flight departed at 12.45pm. so reached LCCT ard 1030am wor.. cos they said we gotta check in 2 hrs earlier.. so woke up earli morning.. get ready.. waited CMZ to reach my new home. then my cute bro sent us to airport.. sweet of him..

reached PIA (Phuket International Airport) ard 2pm (msia time).. rented a van for 1100baht to go to hotel. yea.. it was a 45mins journey. and i was oledi damn blur. weather was not good. raining cats and dogs when we reached phuket.

so the pic tells u how was the weather tat day.

Patong Beach ard 6pm

ok.. i lazy to type.. wanna oi oi d.. update later


  1. Apaler, tell so little only. Haha...

  2. haha.. inbox, i remember to tel oledi not bad wor... summore complain little.. hai~~

  3. oi, you really long time no hear hor!!!!