Saturday, September 5, 2009

D5000.. New Toy

finally.. i managed to get myself another new toy.. yes!! DSLR - Nikon D5000. after a few recommendations from my collix, i finally get this for myself.. :)

i'm still exploring the functions and learn how to take more great pics.. nop.. not regretting to have it.

coincidently, i met an tourist from aussie.. she have the same model but she bought it for AUD2000.. mine is onli Rm2.9k. i guess she must hv those international services/waranty lo.. haha..

wanna see my baby??

TA DA...

tel u all honestly la..i nv been so hardworking in reading manual. now i'm reading the manual to play ard wif my baby.. haha..


  1. Wow, that's a nice toy indeed... show us more brilliant photos soon. :)

  2. wa, so nice....D5000 heard that it is very good!