Monday, January 5, 2009

Ip Man.. Wow~~

i kno i kno.. i'm a bit out-dated liao. but cinemas still hv this movie on. so i'm not considered as out-dated rite?

went for this movie last sunday. well, at first i tot of accompanying my liangzai for it cos he had been wif me on saturday for my shopping spree. so hv to gip and take rite? he acc me, i hv to acc him back ma. :) at first, liangzai mentioned I.P. Man to me and i was like huh?? I.P. Man?? got such movie meh?? then later when i read the newspaper i found it tat he meant Ip Man. OMG!! it's pronounced as Yip Man. not I.P. Man. kns!!

i dun reali go for martial arts movies especially those stories wic is abt a few decades back. i stil remember i nearly fall asleep when i watched 'Huo Yuan Jia'. *** (humming Jay chou's song) huo huo huo huo huo huo huo huo... *** u guys stil remember the movie? starred by Jet Li? of cos u guys remember rite?

so i dun expect much from this movie too. i jus went it, hv my nice large glass of coke and just enjoy the movie. well, surprisingly, i like this movie compared to 'Huo Yuan Jia'. i like the way Donnie Yen acted in it. He reali like possessed by Ip Man. the way he showed his Wing Chun Kung fu. wow.. he won my heart for it. He played gracefully. wow.. jus simply love it. Reali love the scene where he fight wif the Japanese. wow.. he wanna challenge 10 persons at 1 time and BINGO!! he won the tournament.

and of cos, u wil find some touching scenes in the movie too. 1st scene is when Master Liu was shot to death when he failed to challenge 3 Japanese. Ip Man then challenged 10 and he won. and he said he fought wif them not bcos of the white rice. wow.. so touching. 2nd part is when Ip Man won the fight wif the General. wow!! so 'gan jiong'. my heart was like shouting out 'Ip Man! Ip Man!'.. reali siao cha bo lar.. haha.. but veli enjoy lar.. :)

it's the real story. u guys can enjoy it. at least u kno the history of Wing Chun. how this kung fu came. even our legendary martial arts actor, Bruce Lee learnt his Wing Chun Kung Fu from Ip Man. not bad huh?? no wonder Ip Man's son, Ip Chun, was so pleased wif this movie. :)

enjoy the show!!

The real Grandmaster Ip Man.. friendly and cute ler.. hehehe :)

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  1. OH..I love this movie too!

    They're gonna have a sequel~

    Did you tear during the 1 against 10 fight?

    I did =P