Friday, January 2, 2009

S.H.E. => Met Them D

yes yes yes!! i saw SHE in person again. this is even nearer distance. i can see them and guess wat!! they can see me too. even waved and smiled to me. yahoo! ya lar.. although they dunno me, i'm stil happy lar. at least they kno got one siao cha bo reali siao on them :)

well, too bad we were not allowed to take photos on them. they were in the studio. but then we cant take pics. too bad :( so do u guys think i wil jus let go this chance jus like tat? of cos NO LAR!! i curi curi take pics without their assistants knowing it. too bad i couldn't manage to snap Selina's face and not even Ella. too bad rite? I jus managed snapping Ella's back. :)

wow.. their skin, their complexion reali makes me envy. they are reali fair, friendly ppl. :) envy envy. plus their bags. quite nice :) love them so much..

ELLA's back
** paisei.. reali cant snap her face lar. cso their assistants there warned us not to do so. but i can tell u she's reali SWEET!! **

** pretty ler... **

y are they here? promoting their latest album.. hehe..我的电台 FM S.H.E.. yahoo!!

ok ok.. me damn 38.. 2nd attempt. this time better results. yahoo!!! Ella finally turned her face to me. plus me damn susah ler.. hv to curi curi again. cos got 3 assistants there covered up their face. reali shit them lar.. hehe..

** finally!! **

damn happy lar. but then i kena caught red-handed by Ella ler.. SHIT!! hehehe.... ok tat's the outside studio part.

well, another happy thing is i managed to chat wif Ella.

She said "你们刚才偷拍我!! 别拍啦!今天不漂亮. 我坐的很难看!"
(translation: "jus now you curi-curi snap my pics! dun take lar! today not beautiful. my sitting posture not nice.")

i replied "没有啦。 还是很漂亮!"
(translation: "no lar. stil veli pretty" ** in my heart, of cos lar.. ELLA ler.. even she squat in the studio i stil think tat she's pretty **)

seee... god can see my hard work in chasing after SHE. wahahha.. damn syok lar!!

hehe.. ok ok.. they nit to go inside the studio for LIVE INTERVIEW!! hehe.. so after that, SKY and me going down to ground floor (my work place lar.. studio at level 2 ma..), called Cyndi. told her tat Ella spoke to me. heheh.. she dun believe. dun care lar.. as long as this is the FACT!!! while toking on the phone wif Cyndi, SKY told me she saw the previous ASQ champion. sommore veli excited. i so blur queen cos tak tau siapa ma. mana tau he turn back balu tau. hehe :)

Anthony.. hehe.. he's veli friendly ler.. i damn 38. i asked him whether can he hv a pic wif us. luckily he agreed and asked us whether we're internship students. wahahah.. i stil look young. i told him we're the employees here. New employees. wahahah... syok!!

well, 3rd attempt to snap SHE again. but this time fail cos i dowan to kena warn so many times lar. plus not ready oso. i jus said bye bye to them. damn syok!! one regret! din got the chance to take Selina's pic.

aiyoyo.. damn syok lar.. well, they are reali veli natural. not like some other super idols, veli arrogant. they are sweet nice young gals. :)

happy lar.. hehe.. kenot sleep tonite liao.. wahahha...


  1. When I squat on my chair, I look better ler... ahhahaha...

  2. but then u're not Ella... :P

  3. my daughter loves SHE too. she asked me to thank you for the amazing photos that you took. By the way, among the three of them, who do you like the most(i'm just curious about that)?