Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Banana Cake

did some baking last 2 weekends after browsing thru kuali.com. hahaha.. long time din bake liao. remember the last time was Chocolate butter cake and my sis complained it's veli buttery.. hahhahaa.. tis time change flavour and i forced liangzai to finish it.. wahahhaa

300g self raising flour
250g fine sugar
2 oranges -> zested and peel 1 orange's skin & cut it finely
2 bananas
300g butter
2-3 eggs

steps ar?? refer to kuali.com la.. haha... all the same de... so it took me abt 1 hour to get everything mixed and 50mins to bake in 150 degrees celcius.

and turn out not bad.. wahahhaa... enjoy the pics..

hope i dun make u hungry... :P

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