Wednesday, January 27, 2010

S.O.B. Driver

** thanks for welcoming us back, MRC **

well, i gotta blog this out. for this blardy hell driver..uncivilised and uneducated driver. showing his fingers ".|." to me earli in the morning.. the blardy hell taxi driver.. jus remember this plate.. H*C 465.. harlow malaysians..u should kno wat's our taxi plate number look like rite??

he stopped at the junction where it's blocking everyone's way to the highway. n i just had a short honk on him.. and guess wat? that blardy sakai go and honked me back as if i'm wrong.. tulan-ness.. i ma honk back him lo.. normal reaction wat.. then wat?? he purposely block my way. and drive abt 20km/h.. wah lao eh.. and showed his blardy fingers to me.. yea yea.. i kno he got balls.. so wat? u think i'm stupid kah? i keluarkan my hp and typed his plate number n send to the number for complaint which the sticker is sticked behind the car. and the blardy fucker got scat. he just drove aside and let me go my way.. i think he tot i'm taking pic of him for showing his blardy fingers.. wahahahha.. so.. WHO GOT THE BALLS NOW? wahaha.. of cos not me la.. i got boobs.. he got the balls but not the guts.. i damn syok after looking at his blardy reaction.

sorry.. i gotta curse this blardy fucker as he made my morning terrible. the traffic was smooth this morning and i tot i could be 10mins earli and the S.O.B. blocked my way. kids, dun learn those words ya.. wahhaha...

well, i jus wonder how the process works if we got a complaint to lodge rgding the reckless public transport drivers? how shld we type when we wanan send sms? kns.. no one ever taught us abt tat rite? tak kan the operator/ PIC/ CUstomer service so free and check each and every complaints sent in thru sms??

btw, how come the company can hire such crazy drivers.. if they can control their emotion, how can u expect us to rely on them to ensure our lives are safe while travelling with such kind of person? and the government still wan us to car pool or support public transport? how many innocent lives had gone due to the reckless-ness and carelessness of those blardy drivers rite? then i better drive myself..


  1. LOL, sorry for your bad xperience..Arhggh, this Situation is now "too normal" nowadays but yeah more importantly is if those SMS feedback hantar got enforcement or follow-up action on complaint

  2. yes, u're rite. but i dun thinkt here's any action taken la.. if got, then the rakyat wont suffer such kesian incidents rite?

    but surprisingly, after i sms-ed the complaint to one, five triple eight, i received a complaint # to follow up on it.. well, sth good oso la.. hahaha.. at least can check the status. wahahah.. tat blardy driver reali kena gao gao from me liao la.. ahaha

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  4. Walao eh... Modern Robinson Crusoe said, this is normal nowadays. Even here in the east... :S sigh...