Thursday, January 21, 2010

What we do when our BIG boss is not ard??

all started with a pathetic fish certified passed away when one of my collix noticed it. and being the most 38 in the office, of cos, snapped snapped pics and posted it in FB and accused uncle Keem as the MURDERER. i guess uncle bennie din noticed it too so i told him abt it. hahaha.. ok.. i tot i was the 38-est one. but he too, snapped pic and posted it in FB. =.=" and we gotta emailed to inform uncle Keem and not forgetting one of the musketeers, uncle Moon.

i'm gonna shared out the emails and we will have a nice laugh to relax ourselves while we're in office ya.
** (sorry.. the names gotta change la.. o else ppl wil sue me) **

Condolences to its brother and May he RIP - click to view pics

email with the subject: Goodbye dated on 20th Jan 2010

uncle bennie: Hehee...check out my post in FB... Liangmui had a great idea to caption 'murderer...' the mystery begins...

liangmui: Hahaha.. You guys can check it my FB too.. Search for LiangMui :P

uncle moon: I am so sorry Keem, I forgot to feed past few days.... :P

uncle keem: M U R D E R E R !!

liangmui: OMG!! WE FOUND THE ACTUAL MURDERER!! uncle bennie, Shall we report police?

uncle moon: OKla, I'll give 'bak kam' :p

liangmui: =.=" So this is how the manager(s) talk... ** aiyo, so childish.. the uncles are oledi parents to a few kids, man **


today, they managed to hold a 'grand' funeral for the kesian fish. click on Play button to view the funeral.. and another email was sent out.

email with the subject: Finishing the job dated on 21st Jan 2010

uncle bennie: Keem, Your wish has been fulfilled. Go and collect the will.... Lessons learnt: Don't have pets if you can't take care of them.... Don't make the same mistake with the survivor...

uncle keem: U guys are pathetic!! How can you record such sad stories ..

uncle bennie: Hey!! I throw and cleanup for you and you call us pathetic? Kacang lupakan kulit....

liangmui: We learnt from mistakes and other ppls' experiences so that we wont repeat the same mistake again. Thanks for the good lesson! haha..

uncle keem: But dun record la, somemore laughing!

uncle bennie: We can't cry so laugh lor...he has freedom now...

so now u guys understand pressure we are when our BIG boss is ard rite? even the managers oso a bit coo-coo..


  1. Wah liangmui so long & now make come back ah?

    Poor fish :P

    can click link to your FB but the video blogger nothing play lar?? My posting now got no blogger video upload lar..If i wanna upload i have to use Youtube (under my gmail a/c)...?!

  2. Now only can see the video...That's normal "upacara hantar pergi" for pet....., right? LOL

  3. robinson..
    yea.. it's quite normal.. but it's kinda pathetic la.. hahaha.. that fish bcome the topic of the whole week.. hahaha... kesiannya..